Metanoia and Theoria

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The cultivation of metanoia, turning, upholds theoria, seeing, which awakens the eye of the heart to wisdom, initiating seers into healing glory.  Theosis, deification, begins when metanoia turns awareness round and centres in God in the heart, seeing God, through God in God, Holy Trinity.  Vision of God, theoria, is not visual perception or imaginative visualisation but pure awareness of uncreated, originating presence, awareness of deifying awareness, which reveals itself as wisdom’s awareness of generating presence, source of uncreated glory.  Theosis, deification, blesses seers who hallow God’s Name in the Spirit, grounding illumination through purification of the heart. Thoughts still come and go but are released when the Name empties awareness through deep turning, awakening contemplative vision.  Wisdom beholds glory ineffably, invisibly, unknowingly, yet decisively, regenerating creation anew in uncreated light of glory.  The three dimensions of space, breadth, length and height, co-inhere in the invisible spheres of wisdom and glory, the fourth and fifth dimensions. Their union in the sixth dimension is uncreated oneness that reveals the seventh dimension of ineffable openness.  Theosis unveils sevenfold completeness, which is the invisible dimension of ineffable openness.

Hesychast saints bear witness to wisdom’s discernment of glory, gracefully dissolving reification and curing nihilism through purification and illumination.  The uncreated light of wisdom baptises and illumines awareness, opening to uncreated mysteries of glorification.  Holy Trinity never degenerates into three separate gods, because God is one, intrinsically devoid of division though being threefold difference.  The uncreated light of Holy Trinity creatively sows seeds of uncreated Logos as logoi, gathering in the harvest of uncreated glory wherever turning turns and seeing sees. The effulgence of grace communicates communion in the saving Name, sharing the priceless pearl of wisdom with all.  Few turn and see for the way is difficult, though many are generously chosen, and all are included in the mystery of mysteries.  The theophany of saving presence unveils glory to wisdom, disclosing the unobstructed directness of boundless light. Intrinsically luminous, the ‘single eye’ of wisdom sees the body of uncreated glory, opening translucence to transfiguring peace.  

The mirror of the unveiled face dissolves delusion by seeing through the diseased dementia of paranoid phobias.  Paranoia perceives defensive co-operation as belligerent aggression, justifying its own belligerent aggression, producing lethal spirals of death and destruction.  But paranoia is inherently delusional, as wisdom has always known.  The ‘single eye’ of uncreated light is all-embracing, blowing clouds of obscuration away.  Unselfish love arises spontaneously in the clarity of peace.  Wisdom unveiled is glory manifest, whilst glory’s presence loves wisdom’s awareness, hidden in hallowing holiness.  Divisive dualism seduces belligerence, trapping it in vicious circles of death and destruction, whereas integral circles of light free fear’s vicious circles into circling realms of glory, transfiguring prisons of pride into freedom and peace.  The radiance of uncreated clarity transmutes warring extremes into healing, dancing presence, curing aggressive obstruction and belligerent destruction.  Holy wisdom was always a hallowing Song of Songs in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies, unveiling the glory of ineffable completeness.