Realm of Grace

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God reigns serenely in the realm of grace indwelling the heart, free of the constraints of worldly ideology and imperialist mythology, guaranteeing the Orthodox wholeness of the body of Christ.  Kleptocratic criminality is infectious as it drags patriarchs and bishops into collusion with worldly powers, but the realm of grace remains Orthodox, being Christ’s restorative gift to saints, who offer themselves and all creation back to the Father in the Holy Spirit.  Antichrist imitates Christ, replacing God’s realm of grace with parody, turning mysteries into external rituals and sacraments into superstitions.  In an age of nihilism, truth descends into truthless, vacuous relativism and the sacred into a shameless will to power, cancelling everything that humbly bears witness to Christ in the Spirit, dragging faith down to imperialist eurasian ideology.  Confusion replaces communion, whilst division replaces wholesome diversity, causing cynical belief to descend into infernal despair.  Politicised orthodoxy disintegrates when fake news reigns, but at such times, the realm of grace bears witness to truth in the heart, cleansing communion from vainglorious confusion, healing division with co-inherent diversity, sustaining Holy Orthodoxy from within.

The realm of grace is the uncreated foundation of the realm of glory, distinguishing truth from scam, justice from kleptocratic fraud, wisdom from autocratic spin.  Holy Orthodoxy stands steadfast in the Spirit of truth when patriarchs fall from grace, when bishops steal from the faithful in a culture of collusive corruption.  When Russian vainglory spawns hierarchies that poison Orthodoxy, many Orthodox can no longer tell the difference between scam and truth, news and fake news, honesty and spin.  Satanic corruption was foretold by prophets, when prophecy was functional long ago and prayer was unceasing in the Holy Spirit.  But in nihilistic, materialist times that reduce Spirit to matter, the invisible dimensions of wisdom, glory and the Name are overlooked and the realm of grace is trashed.  Grace reminds seers that seeing is wisdom and glory is the air wisdom breathes.  The Name recapitulates creation by restoring glory to God, hallowing saints with healing remembrance.  Holy Orthodoxy stands steadfast, despite subtle proliferations of satanic parody, despite delusional pretensions of Russian innocence, grounding saints in wholesome completeness.  Totalitarian tendencies arise but wither away once wholeness dawns, healing the perversions that replace Holy Orthodoxy with kenodox kleptocracy.  Hells dissolve as they rejoin heavens through the Name, saving desolation from despair, curing despair with trust, dissipation with integrity.   Trustworthy faith is restored by the Cross of unselfish love, hallowing hope through the Name in realms of inviolable glory.

Realms of wisdom recreate all things anew in glory, purifying hearts and hallowing lives, raising the dead from death to partake in ascending resurrection.  Death does not end in death when grace rises into hallowing glory.  Holy Orthodoxy rises into ineffable glory in ascending realms of grace, restored by prophecy, blessed with unceasing prayer.  Abysses of despair empty as wisdom rises into radiant glory, gathering incompleteness into completeness.  Gnostic parodies blame God for creating the evils of incompleteness whereas Orthodox seers see created incompleteness in the light of the uncreated completeness of glory.  There is, indeed, the holy innocence of glory but it is not confused with the narrows of ethnic nationalism and shallows of autocratic imperialism.  Gnostic heresies are always inherently dualistic, whereas Orthodox wisdom transcends dualism without descending into monistic confusion.  Murder of enemies is not the only way to consume enmity, since true consummation gladly embraces diversity within the generous expanses of hallowing completeness.  Satanic deception is very powerful, but not overpowering when it imposes dictatorship by demonising democracy, obliging wisdom to see through divisive demonisation and imposing criminalisation, abiding in genuine completeness.  Holy Orthodoxy bears witness to uncreated completeness without waging war on difference or demonising incompleteness, completing incompleteness in the completeness of glorious holiness.