Wisdom of the Cross

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The wisdom of the Cross crucifies enmity, communicating boundless love, opening Christ to all, revealing Holy Trinity, sustaining Holy Orthodoxy.  The Church of Christ calls all humanity into wisdom’s embrace of the grace of Christ’s divine humanity, deifying creation with uncreated light.  In the Book of Revelation, the prophet-seer saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, descending in uncreated light of glory, inspiring prayer for all in the Name.  Constantinople, then Moscow, saw themselves as the second and third Rome, claiming to be heirs to the New Jerusalem, in contrast to the whoring beast, symbol of imperial economic and political power.  When antichrist intervenes, aping Christ, the Church degenerates into one of Satan’s many lies, his pride pretending to be holy, his vainglory claiming to be innocent.  Grace pours out from the wisdom of the Cross in answer, communicating hallowing union and blessed communion, transforming confusion into union and division into communion. Exposing and defeating Satan, the grace of Christ cures confusion and division in God’s Name, whilst the Spirit anoints saints with healing chrism, overcoming demonic vainglory and pride.  Christ, whose uncreated light reveals wisdom in uncreated glory, unveils wisdom’s awareness of presence and glory’s presence of awareness in God’s Holy Name.

The Holy Name reveals the Father in the Spirit, showing forth Christ’s boundless wisdom, revealing the Spirit is not a reified object or subject of dualistic perception, but ineffable grace bearing witness to uncreated wisdom and glory.  Wisdom knows all phenomena lack permanent completeness, conceiving and generating saints in immaculate translucence, revealing the Father’s glory, through Christ in the Spirit. Rainbow radiance crowns Christ with inclusive glory, embracing all mankind without exception, overcoming exclusive enmity with uncreated light.  Grasping drives Christ out, whereas trust lets Christ in, releasing him to be who he is and always was, transforming poisonous parodies into the dazzling darkness of unknowing wisdom. The wisdom of the Cross is the uncreated light of God-centred love, releasing terrible affliction into the grace of right-glorifying deification.  Separation turns its back on wisdom’s awareness of the presence of glory, whereas radiance turns presence back into the revelation of glory.  The Name loves to turn awareness round into the uncreated light of wisdom, preferring circles of completeness to terse, logical arguments, mysteriously revealing the uncreated presence of glory.

Christ’s mystery of indivisible union hallows hearts with holy harrowing, purifying awareness by hollowing it out to embrace holy presence.  The reign of glory seals the secret of holiness so that prying scrutiny cannot penetrate, releasing purity of heart into unrestricted glory.  Wisdom is ineffable but decisive, inviolate but creative, immaculate but glorious.  Translucence cannot be grasped conceptually nor imposed deliberately, because it is the dazzling radiance of uncreated light. Glorification is the uncreated activity of God freeing saints from religious reification and nihilistic annihilation, releasing Holy Orthodoxy into uncreated energies of glory. The Name shines with awareness of wisdom to radiate with presence of glory, crucifying obscuration by resurrecting glorification.  The seed of uncreated light generates uncreated glory, subsuming matter into light, dualistic perception into uncreated wisdom, fear into love, desire into unconditioned hope, love Into the joy of ineffable peace.  The wisdom of the Cross sows seeds of light that harvest grace as uncreated glory in realms of unsurpassed radiance, transcending past and future, revealing timeless presence.