Recollected Light

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Turning the light of awareness round recollects uncreated light at centre, recognising the uncreated energy of glory in the Holy Spirit.  Pure being awakens within uncreated non-being when glory awakens, recollecting uncreated light.  The pearl of great price shines in the midst, turning awareness round to unite with God’s presence in the heart.  Tongues of fire speak clearer than words, renewing creation with flames of uncreated light.  Turning reverses the fall from grace, crowning the eye of the heart with deifying glory, enthroning saints in the hallowing Name.  Turning is not the achievement of an isolated individual but the generous action of uncreated grace, which transforms creation with uncreated light.  When awareness never turns but pursues earthly distractions to the end of life, hell closes in, imposing separation, but when wisdom turns and sees the glory of the age to come, hells open into heaven.  Netherworlds dispel in the recollection of uncreated light, rising from the sinking abyss of outer darkness into resurrection, ascending to glory from the depths of hell.

Winged trust in grace soars over every abyss, cutting through every obstruction, awareness breathing in the Spirit’s holy presence.  Stillness turns awareness round so that life transfigures into timeless blessing, purifying the heart.  Consciousness converges into joyous co-inherence, recollecting awareness in uncreated light, opening intelligence to wisdom in the knowledge of God.  Uncreated light fills all visible and invisible worlds, enlightening heaven and earth, gathering what was scattered.  Dissipation is reversed when wisdom turns and sees, welcoming the age of glory to come.  Wisdom transfigures heaven on earth when the Name is hallowed.  Both the Lord’s Prayer and the Jesus Prayer turn awareness round to hallow the earth with the glory of heaven.  Stillness embraces everything with wisdom when wisdom discerns the glory of grace.  Shallow belief narrows minds, but deep remembrance stills minds, opening hearts from hells to heaven.

Recollection in uncreated light opens heaven and hallows earth, releasing everything back into original purity in final glory.  Recollected vision sustains wisdom, however wisdom is named in differing wisdom traditions.  The uncreated centre of the heart is omnipresent, and nothing falls outside its enlightening presence.  True focus is not to be confused with rigid fixation, because seeing puts a stop to rigidity, liberating fixation into pristine clarity.  Grace cannot be grasped, nor glory reified, holding wisdom steady without hardening the heart.  False witness lies about its lies to confuse and divide the heart, but wisdom embraces the Spirit of truth in the witnessing yoke of peace.  Stillness cures confusion to heal division, steadying wisdom in glory, putting a stop to delusion by seeing through its pretension.  Turning stops delusion whilst seeing sustains wisdom, uniting in Christ through the Spirit with the Father.  Remembering to recollect in the Spirit, breathes in uncreated light, restoring glory to God.  Light sees light through light, unveiling the revelatory Name.  Oblivion ceases to distract or distraction to confuse, when division is dissolved by wisdom in the awakened heart.