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Spirit of Truth

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The Spirit of Truth is Truth, not our conceptual perception of something true, so if we remain attached to perception, what we have is perception, not Truth, nor the Spirit of Truth.  Awakening to the Spirit of Truth transcends perception but includes intuitive apperception which wisdom infuses in the Spirit.  Truth is not something or nothing, nor is it exhausted… Read more »

Holy Trust

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Trusting grace to save is decisive, for without it pride intervenes, refusing to trust grace, trusting instead in self-willed effort to save us.  Self-centred voluntarism usurps God by imposing effort, strain and stress in place of holy trust, causing despair.  From the perspective of the unredeemed will, grace is delusional and confused with pride, condemned as heresy or as self-obsessed illusion.  Self-centred asceticism… Read more »

Metanoia and Theoria

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The cultivation of metanoia, turning, upholds theoria, seeing, which awakens the eye of the heart to wisdom, initiating seers into healing glory.  Theosis, deification, begins when metanoia turns awareness round and centres in God in the heart, seeing God, through God in God, Holy Trinity.  Vision of God, theoria, is not visual perception or imaginative visualisation but pure awareness of uncreated, originating presence,… Read more »

Realm of Grace

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God reigns serenely in the realm of grace indwelling the heart, free of the constraints of worldly ideology and imperialist mythology, guaranteeing the Orthodox wholeness of the body of Christ.  Kleptocratic criminality is infectious as it drags patriarchs and bishops into collusion with worldly powers, but the realm of grace remains Orthodox, being Christ’s restorative gift to saints, who offer themselves… Read more »

Wisdom of the Cross

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The wisdom of the Cross crucifies enmity, communicating boundless love, opening Christ to all, revealing Holy Trinity, sustaining Holy Orthodoxy.  The Church of Christ calls all humanity into wisdom’s embrace of the grace of Christ’s divine humanity, deifying creation with uncreated light.  In the Book of Revelation, the prophet-seer saw the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, descending in uncreated light of… Read more »

Vanity of vainglory

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The vanity of vainglory cannot corrupt the innocent purity of God’s realm of glory, which is not of this world.  The blatant heresy of Russian innocence is a product of satanic lies, fake news and media manipulations of perception, nationalistic ideology dismantling Holy Orthodoxy in the interests of Russian dictatorship or Eurasian imperialism.  Satanic deception serves many antichrists, dividing Orthodox communities by confusion in… Read more »

Purification, Illumination and Glorification

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Glorification unites purification with Illumination as communion of wisdom and glory. From the perspective of purification, illumination lies in the future and glorification is concealed in eternity way beyond.  From the perspective of illumination, purification is due to the presence of uncreated light illumining the heart but glorification is perceived to belong to the reign of God that is not yet… Read more »

Fulness of Glory

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Heaven and earth are full of the glory of God, surrounding awareness with the presence of God in his Name, encircling the breathing spirit with the oneness of the Holy Spirit.  One with Christ and the Father, the Spirit imparts wisdom in Christ that discerns fulness of glory everywhere, empowering purification to resurrect with Christ as illumination and illumination to ascend… Read more »

Friend of God

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Wisdom calls God ‘Abba, Father,’ because wisdom is friend, ahab, of God, who transforms enemies of God into ‘friends of God and prophets’ (Wisdom 7:27).  To be a friend of God is to commune with wisdom, friend of God, in divine friendship, like Abraham, friend and co-companion of God.  A friend of God loves wisdom, whose friendship with God is far… Read more »

Prophetic Image : Imageless Prayer

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Prophecy imparts holy images, inspiring imageless prayer of the Holy Spirit in the  heart, the Spirit’s unceasing intercession for all in the hidden heart of Christ.  Prophecy has nothing to do with self-centred fantasy or self-obsessed day dreams, but with the purified imagination regenerated in the heart by the glory of grace, prophecy working together with imageless prayer to deify… Read more »