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Faith trusts in God, seeing as God sees, knowing as God knows, recollecting God through God, recognising God in God, remembering God as God remembers God in Holy Trinity.  Sometimes, faith is called ‘blind faith’ because faith does not see as we see, visually perceiving something, or know as we know, empirically experiencing something knowable, but this way of speaking does… Read more »

Fire of Spirit

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The fire of Spirit ignites the flame of wisdom, revealing burning glory through the unveiled Name.  The Song of Songs awakens holy wisdom in the Holy of Holies, indwelling the cloud of unknowing like a spiritual marriage, generating rebirth in the Holy Spirit.  Christ breathes the Holy Spirit into his disciples when he breathes on them, recreating them in the… Read more »

Respectful Recognition

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Pure attention is spontaneous when recognition awakens with respectful recognition. Straining and stressing strive to attain this, but respect re-spects it through wisdom, and recognition re-cognises it through glory, awakening respectful recognition.  The receptivity of the moon hallows the earth, welcoming the blazing activity of the sun, symbol of hallowing heaven, conjoining heaven and earth.  The spiritual alchemy of wisdom lies… Read more »

Mystical Theology

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Mystical Theology, for Hesychast Wisdom, is theological theophany, opening deification, called the angelic estate, to integral wisdom.  The sciences of the soul find their fulfilment in theophany as do the sciences of humanity, because the fulfilment of humankind is cosmic as well as divine-human.  Cosmotheandric theophany is truly integral in its insight into cosmic dimensions of divine-human love, agape, unselfish love that,… Read more »

Mother Wisdom: A Prayer

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O Thou That Art, revealing ‘I AM’ through ‘I AM,’ be Thou my delight, Mother Wisdom, through the grace of Thy Glory!  Thou art my life, light of my heart, love of my life! Open my heart to Thee, my Bride, my Beloved!  May nothing separate me from thee, here in God’s Holy Presence, here in His vision of Thee, Mother… Read more »

Self-emptying Love

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Glorification lives from self-emptying love, but when self-realisation is weak, self-emptying may descend into psychotic disintegration.   Casualties of psychotic dislocation may occur in souls who by-pass psychological integration with unintegrated self-emptying, in which case spiritual integration must include psychological with spiritual realisation.  Elders normally stand back when Christ awakens in the heart, but there is no avoiding withdrawal of psychological projections in healthy spiritual… Read more »

Beloved Disciple

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The Beloved Disciple bears witness that she loves as she is loved, handing on the love with which Christ first loved her, revealing the ultimate glory of love.  Her hidden witness gave rise to the Fourth Gospel, the three Epistles of love and the Book of Revelation, all of which reveal the glory of love glorifying beloved disciples in the… Read more »

Paraclete: Spirit of Truth

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The Paraclete is the Spirit of Truth proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, bearing witness to the Father through the Son  (John 15:26).  As Paraclete, the Spirit comes to help us in our weakness, interceding on our behalf on the Day of Doom, which is every day that judgment separates confusion from communion, union from division.  Bearing… Read more »

Power of Openness

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Wisdom awakens awareness to uncreated awareness in the fifth dimension beyond the three dimensions of space and the fourth of time, awakening presence to uncreated presence of glory in the sixth dimension, revealing oneness of wisdom and glory in the seventh, rising to empowering openness of wisdom through glory in the eighth.   Awareness of uncreated awareness is bright peace, dissolving delusion like a… Read more »

Liminal Realms

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Liminal realms of uncreated creativity may appear marginal from an institutional point of view, but wisdom loves liminality which centres in God rather than institutional structures.  Axial centredness is God-centred, because what appears peripheral from the standpoint of conventional conformity, may in fact be the axis of centred wisdom, the centre-point of integral glorification.  Uncreated creativity unites the uncreated with creation… Read more »