Power of Openness

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Wisdom awakens awareness to uncreated awareness in the fifth dimension beyond the three dimensions of space and the fourth of time, awakening presence to uncreated presence of glory in the sixth dimension, revealing oneness of wisdom and glory in the seventh, rising to empowering openness of wisdom through glory in the eighth.   Awareness of uncreated awareness is bright peace, dissolving delusion like a dream.  Presence of uncreated presence is bright glory, extinguishing deception in the Spirit of wisdom.  Cooling stillness extinguishes the passions with purity of heart, empowering openness of heart through eight-dimensional glorification.  Flawless wisdom is boundless as it rises with Christ into glory, freeing awareness from reified monism and presence from fixated dualism.  Childlike trust enters through seven-dimensional oneness into eight-dimensional openness, extinguishing reification and alienation beyond all trace of monism or dualism.  God is ‘I AM,’ and there is no other; therefore, glory belongs to God alone.

Empowering wisdom is boundless, liberating constriction into freedom, dualism into indivisibility.  Apatheia is not apathy but centred freedom, purity of heart, remembrance of God through God, revealing God.  Holy Trinity does not think of itself as three gods, but is one God in three first-personal ways of being, opening oneness into catalytic openness.  ‘ I am ‘I AM,” God announces;  ‘I am HE who IS,’ revealing God alone is God, unveiled by God alone.  Undistracted wisdom does not strain and stress to cure confusion and division, but abides in the glory of ineffable peace.  The difference between the saint and the seeker is that the saint knows that seeking distances wisdom, postponing glory.  Wisdom is awake, whereas seeking struggles to attain awakening through ways and means, proudly convincing itself that it has not attained.

Openness purifies the heart, awakening wisdom, enlightening the mind in the heart as seeing sees.  The wind of the Spirit blows where it wills, opening the eyes of the blind, awakening hearts to wisdom, deifying hearts with glory.  Knowing glory, wisdom knows there is nothing glory fails to achieve, nothing glory loses as it transcends glory with glory.  Quite ordinary in outward appearance, saints abide in multi-dimensional unknowing, knowing peace.  Boundless freedom is perfectly natural for wisdom; just as unbroken union is quite natural for glory.  The power of openness releases oneness into undivided difference, giving saints capacity to respond without egocentric reaction.  Childlike trust plays simply, releasing poverty without desiring to posses anything, purifying obsession by embracing intercession, emptying fixated totality into multi-dimensional completeness.