Liminal Realms

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Liminal realms of uncreated creativity may appear marginal from an institutional point of view, but wisdom loves liminality which centres in God rather than institutional structures.  Axial centredness is God-centred, because what appears peripheral from the standpoint of conventional conformity, may in fact be the axis of centred wisdom, the centre-point of integral glorification.  Uncreated creativity unites the uncreated with creation as prophecy, or as prayer.  As prophecy it is the renewal of sacred tradition, as prayer it is the renewal of creation in the hearts of saints.  Both inject uncreated energy into the world through liminal realms of wisdom and glory, extending self-emptying kenosis.

Liminality hides away on the periphery, preferring marginality on the outer edge of conventional conformity in order to be free to abide at the still centre of the changing world.  Hermits are liminal beings who conceal the centre for the sake of the whole. They appear irrelevant to the world, in order to give space for wisdom to renew the world.  They are feared by worldly powers because they cannot be controlled.  They are persecuted by the established order because they are perceived as a threat to its power.  Liminality is sometimes childlike play, sometimes playful folly, often wise in ways that are incomprehensible, often glorious in ways that cannot be grasped.

Liminal realms are concealed on the boundary of known spaces, providing thresholds to the unknown by exiting the known.  Boundless openness is unceasing transcendence of the known, uncovering the not-yet-known with unknowing openness.  Radical liminality breathes uncreated creativity into all who dwell on the boundary, all who abide in the creativity of boundless love.  Liminal love cannot be defined, so when condemned by the powers that be, appears to disappear, being invisible with the creative invisibility of God.  The Holy of Holies is the liminal realm that dances within every liminal realm, opening them to boundless ineffability, profound self-emptying and liberating release.

Synaxis of the Three Hierarchs, Basil, Gregory and John Chrisestom