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Hallelu Yah

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Hallelu Yah is the ancient prayer of glorification that inspires all who are in the Spirit, glorifying God in his hallowing Name.  It reverberates through every wave of the sea of shining translucence that surrounds rainbow radiance, the glory of the heavenly throne.  It crowns all who joyously surround the throne, whose glorification of God finds expression in the praise… Read more »

Prophecy and Prayer

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Pure prayer is remembrance of God and prophecy is witness to pure prayer, clearing away all that hinders the remembrance of God.  Saints love to remember God but without turning there can be no seeing, in which case remembrance may, for a time, be extinguished.  Prophecy reminds them that the extinction of their remembrance never extinguishes God’s remembrance of them, for… Read more »

Gospel of the Name.

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Keeping faith with Christ’s Gospel of the Name, desert elders transmitted the wisdom of glory in hidden caves and forgotten mountain sanctuaries so that mysteries of glory were never profaned.  When Rome adopted the Gospel as the official religion of the Empire, persecutions ceased but new trials put confessors to the test, temptations that subjected glory to vainglory and gave… Read more »

Return and Listen

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The prophetic practice of returning and listening answers the grace of illumination that generates glorification.  Glorification is the hallowing of the Name, SHEM, that is cognate with SHEMA, meaning to hear or listen, as in the shema,  ‘Hear, O Israel, ‘I AM’ is our God, ‘I AM’ is one’  (Deut 6:4).  Prophecy reminds prayer:  Turn and listen, return and hear God unveiling… Read more »

Gospel of Glory

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The Gospel of the glory of grace turns the light of awareness round to unite the mind and the heart in the uncreated light of glory.  This utterly simple mystery transcends all that thought can grasp, yet Hesychast elders think this through to the end, which is the end of confusion and the beginning of indivisible communion.  Ineffability is not… Read more »

Mystery of Mysteries

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The Name of names is the mystery of mysteries, transcending names that name the Name and ways that communicate the mystery.  With the Name of names, all opposites co-incide, transcending the mutual conditioning that hold them together and set them apart.  ‘Humility is endless,’ was an insight into the mystery of mysteries that Saint Sophrony the Hesychast shared with us, pointing… Read more »

Wisdom, Prophecy and Prayer

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Did prophecy really die out when the Roman Pope agreed with the Emperor of Rome that the price must be paid for the Roman peace?  Did prayer of the heart actually agree to die out when verbal prayer presumed to dominate endless services in the cities that extinguished the stillness of the heart?  Was the Beast the real power in… Read more »

Seven eyes of Spirit

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Wisdom discerns Christ restore glory to the Father in the Spirit, discerning Christ glorified ascribing glory to the Father in seven eyes of the Spirit which deploy the glory of the single eye of the heart to every centre of awareness and presence of deified human being, well-being and timeless being.  Wisdom beholds God’s God-centred glorification of God curing all seven spiritual eyes of… Read more »

Seven spirits of Wisdom and Glory

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The seven spirits before the throne bear witness to the completeness of wisdom and glory that embraces temporal incompleteness with the timeless wholeness of hallowing glorification (Rev 1:4; 3:1; 4:5 and 5:6).  Desert wisdom never forgot the Menorah, or sevenfold lamp that stood before the temple throne, symbol of the fullness of divine wisdom embracing heaven and earth.  The sevenfold… Read more »

Throne and Crown

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The throne stands under the heart addressing fear, fear for one’s survival, fear for one’s safety and fear for one’s security, three centres beneath the heart that are created to be God-centred but which may initially be egocentric or ethnocentric if they are self-centred instead of God-centred.  The heart is at centre with these three centres beneath it, which are its throne,… Read more »