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Wisdom’s Glory of the Name

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The ‘I’ of the Holy Name ‘I AM,’  is wisdom and the ‘AM’ of the Name is glory, revealing their primordial union to be the completeness of hallowed communion, unconfused yet inseparable, indivisible yet ineffable.   Glorification of the Name is hallowing joy to Orthodox seers, opening past and future to wisdom’s glory of timeless presence.  The glory of the… Read more »

Prayer for Peace

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Prayer for peace in Ukraine is the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in Christ, glorifying the Father in the hearts of all who are crucified by war in the devastated cities, towns and villages of Ukraine, but also all who died there a century ago during the Russian Civil War, including countless Orthodox defending Ukraine from the red Russian armies of atheistic communism.  The Spirit’s unceasing… Read more »

Winged Chariot Throne

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Martyrs rise on winged chariot thrones, bearing witness to truth in a world that prefers lies it wants to be true, releasing totalitarian stealth back into costly truth. Christ is a haven of peace in the truth of his Name, stilling war by releasing error and terror.  The Spirit never strays from the Truth of Christ, even when Orthodoxy is… Read more »

Prayer of the Heart

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The prayer of the heart regenerates prophecy, transfiguring the vision of the Father’s realm of the Name, recognising Christ’s reign of the Name in the Spirit’s revelation of Seraphic wisdom and Cherubic glory.  Unveiling Holy Trinity, Holy Orthodoxy is not the reification of this transfiguring recognition but release of reification into original Christophany in the Spirit’s wisdom, liberating reification into ineffable openness in the eye… Read more »

Crown of the Heart

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The Holy Spirit crowns the eye of the heart as it enthrones God in the heart with uncreated glory, initiating glorification through purification and illumination.  Wisdom grounds glorification in purity of heart enlightened by the Holy Spirit, whereas fear contracts and hardens the heart, subverting the glory of grace.  Love embraces fear with the kiss of peace, transforming terror into trust,… Read more »

Wisdom function of Elijah

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The wisdom function of Elijah, according to the Prophet Malachi, is to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, welcoming the coming day of the revelatory Name (Mal 3:22-24).  Elijah’s ultimate concern is the renewal of sacred tradition, awakening hearts to the Name.  The prophet’s own name reveals God… Read more »

Two-edged Sword

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The two-edged sword of prophecy cuts both ways, through hardened institution and through dissipating dislocation, healing destitution.  Dislocation shatters union whilst institution reifies it, causing sclerotic fixation, quenching the consuming fire of grace.  Glory is the flame of the saving Name, inspiring prophecy, regenerating prayer, curing destitution.  The sword of prophecy has a two-edged blade that severs old delusion and cuts… Read more »

Throne and Crown

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The throne of glory symbolises the deification of the three centres beneath the heart, survival, security and control, whilst the crown symbolises the deification of the three centres above the heart, speech, single eye and crown, also called halo of glory. The holy rite of coronation also includes a golden orb and sceptre, because crowning places the cross over the hallowed earth… Read more »

Silent Stillness

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Silent stillness reverberates with ineffable words and numbers, richly adorned with multi-textured glory, shimmering with multiple-dimensional oneness and openness.  The practice of completeness hallows the Name with wisdom’s discernment of glory in every breath, beholding the body of rainbow light reflecting and refracting the uncreated body of ineffable glory.  It is not that the material body ceases to manifest in the three dimensions of… Read more »

Eye of the Heart

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The Eye of the Heart is single, unwavering in its undivided simplicity, when wisdom is unobstructed and glory is unconfused.  Grace is glorious in the beauty of its holiness, untroubled by confusion, free from division in its awareness of the Spirit’s liberating presence.  Heaven embraces earth as a heavenly earth united with an earthly heaven, when wisdom dispels delusion and illusion releases into… Read more »