Hallelu Yah

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Pierced praise loves the Name of Praise, Hallelu Yah, one of the oldest formulas of glorification, praising the Name of Jacob, Yah, which was pronounced, unlike the Name of Israel, YHWH, having a feminine ending, which was not.  The pierced heart is illumined by the Name from within, enlightened by God indwelling in the midst, revealing timeless realms of glory nearer than near.  

Hallelu Yah hallows God’s Name so that his Kingdom comes and his will is done to the greater glory of the Father, completing prayer with invocation of the Holy Trinity.   Encircling completeness encompasses creation with all-embracing energy, consummating the mystery of grace in glorification, completing incompleteness with timeless completeness inspiring prophecy and prayer.

Name-hallowing was Christ’s prayer, handed on as the Lord’s Prayer, giving Christian wisdom its central practice, including the Lord’s Praise, Hallelu Yah.  Cutting through confusion, pierced praise leaped over division, moving mountains of resistance in a moment.  Sinners fall short of glory, but saints are hallowed by glory, discovering glorification is the living heart of pure prayer.

Holy Apostle Silvanus of the Seventy, also called Silouanos or Silouan. First Century AD.