Timeless Witness

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The Holy Spirit is the timeless witness who prays without ceasing, overcoming confusion and division with ineffable freedom.  

Christ is the Word of God who, with the Holy Spirit, timelessly bears witness to the Father, revealing God’s reign of glory in Holy Trinity.

The Spirit sees God in all and all in God, bearing witness to God’s reign of glory in the wisdom of Christ, imparting faith trusting grace to unveil glory in the Name.

Uncreated awareness does not come and go but stands steadfast as wisdom, hearing the Holy Gospel of glory in the Name, abiding in the mysteries of stillness. 

The Name ‘I AM’ transcends all created predicates, being the Holy Name of God, purifying awareness of confusing, divisive thinking, revealing indivisible glory through the Name.

The Spirit bears witness to truth through God in Christ, but fallen souls wander into error and forsake wisdom, whereas faith cries: ‘Turn thou me and I shall be turned!’ 

Wisdom discerns the glory of God in the midst, turning and seeing God through God, transforming sinners into saints, timeless witness of deifying grace.