Turn and see: Glory to Thee

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Samuel the Prophet was told by Eli to say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening,’ when God called him in the night  (1 Sam 3:1-4).  Hearing God, Samuel turns and sees, glorifying God in his Name.  Hearkening to God, prophets speak in God’s Name, inspiring redemptive prophecy and remedial prayer for generations to come.

Prophets turn and see, giving ‘Glory to God.’  Turning, they hear, as seeing they speak God’s Word, glorifying God in his saving Name.  Over three thousand years ago, the Prophet Samuel bore witness to the mysteries of glorification, which apostles of Christ confirmed a thousand years later, handing on holy glorification to this day.

Samuel anointed prophets, priests and kings, uniting prophecy with royal high-priestly tradition is ways that continue to inspire living glorification in our time.  Hearing, prophets speak as they turn, sing as they see, glorifying God in his hallowed Name, bearing costly witness to the reign of God’s Holy Name in timeless glory.

Feast of the Holy Prophet Samuel 11th century BC