Zeal of the Name

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God is zealous that his wisdom shall be known, turning hearts that they shall see, illumining minds in hearts that they may be glorified, yet infinitely patient with his ever-kindly mercy.  The rigour of his zeal and the kindness of his mercy subsist in paradoxical balance in the union of wisdom and glory in the Name, sometimes fierce and sometimes gentle, always loving in God’s kindly embrace of sinners transforming into saints.

Rigour and mercy are both divine theophanies of ineffable love, both revelations of the saving Name, both manifestations of the reign of glory as it descends to hallow the earth as glory hallows heaven.  The prophet Jonah was obedient to God when he preached rigour but God showed mercy, leaving the sign of Jonah, which is rigorous and merciful, as is the Name which reveals the glory of grace.

Wisdom steps back from rigour when glory reigns in peace at centre in the midst, but glory is decisive when wisdom clarifies confusion, severing division, opening union to infinite openness.  Mercy is not complacent nor rigour oppressive as they hallow the Name in the reign of glory, uniting oneness with openness in the completeness of glory.  Prophecy bears witness to the Name in realms of joy, awakening unceasing prayer in Holy Trinity, completing rigour with mercy.