Timeless Completeness

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The Completeness of God is ‘eternally now,’ unveiling temporal incompleteness in timeless presence, awakening uncreated wisdom in uncreated glory.

Christ, divine but human, communicates theandric co-inherence by grace to all who receive him, embracing the cosmos with cosmo-theandric glory.

The Holy Spirit enlightens seers with uncreated wisdom, transfiguring saints with uncreated glory, communicating mysteries of glorification to all whose hearts are open.

Orthodox Hesychasm transcends conventional orthodoxy from within, revealing the hidden glory of Holy Orthodoxy, dethroning ruling powers to unveil completeness of glory.

Often misunderstood, Hesychasm is persecuted by heresy hunters, who condemn saints in their life-time, canonising them when they are dead.

Hidden to worldly powers and episcopal control, mysteries of glory inspire prophecy, awakening prayer of the heart, baffling many whilst awakening a few.

Mysteries of timeless co-inherent completeness encompass temporal incompleteness, dissolving polemical extremism in the Spirit, restoring glory to the Father by opening Christ to all.