Feast of the Holy Cross

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The Holy Cross saves by crucifying confusion and healing division, raising into ascending glory all who turn and see with wisdom’s ‘single eye.’

The cross is holy because it purifies the heart, enlightening the mind in the heart, deifying saints through the holy practice of glorification.

Cutting through layers of confusion, leaping over mountains of delusion, the Holy Cross hallows all who embrace the Name of Grace, concealing them from the narrows and shallows of religious condemnation.

The Holy Cross reveals those who embrace mysteries of glory and those who do not, resurrecting those transfigured by the Cross of Glory through the Name.

The reign of the saving Name restores glory to God by awakening the wisdom of the Cross, completing temporal incompleteness with the completeness of timeless glory.

The Feast of the Holy Cross unveils dimensions of deifying glory that remain hidden until the visible gives way to the invisible, revealing the inmost secrets of ineffability.

When the Cross and the Name graciously unite, holy stillness silences the mind in the heart, revealing the ineffable mysteries of love.