Paraclete: Spirit of Truth

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The Paraclete is the Spirit of Truth proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, bearing witness to the Father through the Son  (John 15:26).  As Paraclete, the Spirit comes to help us in our weakness, interceding on our behalf on the Day of Doom, which is every day that judgment separates confusion from communion, union from division.  Bearing witness to God in this world is costly, either as red martyrdom or white, because persecuting powers serve the prince of this world, not God.  Truth sets free all who embrace the Spirit of Truth, liberating those who listen to the Paraclete.

Despised and rejected, martyrs for truth are emptied of pride.  Because their form of existence is empty of vainglory, their form of glory is never vain.  Consistent to the core, God’s sound congruency through God is secure in God, being co-inherent Thrice-Holy Trinity through and through.  The Spirit’s witness is unwavering praise, singing ‘Hallelu Yah,‘ blessing the Name of congruent co-inherence, declaring ‘Hosanna to God Most High!’  The Spirit of the Paraclete circumcises and purifies the heart, healing division, curing separation.  Truth is uncreated wholeness, healing the whole with hallowing holiness, deifying the whole with wholesome glory.

The Spirit of Truth heals separation with Penetecostal fire, giving the Paraclete royal power over worldly powers, expanding the reign of the Name.  ‘Christus Victor‘ embodies Pentecostal flame in the hearts of saints, because Christ’s death overcomes death by death like fire, consuming evil with purifying tongues of flame. Invisible to shallow curiosity,  Christ sees though pretentious pride by piercing hearts, crucifying vanity through revelation of glory.  The Spirit of Truth abides in the hidden truth of Christ, restoring glory to the Father through the Son, revealing glory of Holy Trinity in the ineffable power of the Paraclete.

Forefeast of the Meeting of Christ with Symeon the God-receiver and Anna the Prophetess