Simplicity of Heart

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Simplicity of heart clears the way for wisdom to rest in peace, turning discord into harmony by abiding in glory at centre in the midst.  Earth partakes in the reign of God in heaven by abiding in the glory that illumines heaven.  Wisdom knows everything created descends from heaven to be blessed by grace on earth as it is blessed by grace in heaven, although without grace earth cannot fail to fall short of glory.  Grace glorifies seers who turn and see, illumining hearts with radiant simplicity.  Glory deifies saints by grace with uncreated energy, transfiguring celestial illumination with uncreated glorification.  

Purity of heart simplifies souls as they rise with Christ into the glory of resurrection. Simplicity of heart illumine hearts as they participate in the mysteries of glorification. God loves the Beloved Disciple who listens to the Word of God, for where love dwells, saints dwell.  Children of God by grace rest in peace in the Name, hallowing God who hallows saints.  Grateful beyond words for the Name’s grace, the children of God give thanks for uncreated glory.  Sealed by the Spirit, glory reveals the miracle of grace, which the Spirit uncovers in the hidden heart of love.

Simplicity of heart is humble and kind, always grateful that glory embraces grace with infinite translucence, uncovering oneness releasing into ineffable openness.  Oneness heals confusion so that openness can cure division, enabling manifold wisdom to embrace multiple divine names through the Name above all names.  Simplicity of heart has nothing to do with monistic congestion, because oneness always manifests as manifold openness.  The Holy Spirit reveals sevenfold completeness in countless contrasting ways, each of which unveils the Name in uniquely different ways.  Simplicity of heart manifests manifold wisdom in innumerable, different ways, never reducing oneness to sameness, such as constricted conformity, or openness to dissipating confusion, such as fragmenting separation.  Simplicity wondrously purifies the heart.

Meeting of Christ in the Temple with Symeon the God-Receiver and Anna the Prophetess