Knowing truly Known

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Metanoia knows ‘I AM’ knows as ‘I AM’ is fully, truly known  (1Cor 13:12).  Gnosticism long ago divided God’s awareness from God’s presence, separating God from creation, subtly poisoning knowledge of God with sin against the Holy Spirit.  At its worst, gnosticism ascribed grace to demons, inverting truth into a lie, pretending to be humbly rejecting pride by demonising grace, confusing grace with pride.  Satan’s tortuous confusions still try to divide what God unites, but God’s way of knowing, knowing as knowing is genuinely known, reveals Holy Trinity.  Theoria sees seeing as God sees, seeing seeing as seeing is fully seen, by God revealing God in uncreated light.  The light of Christ is seen as light from light, God the Son as God from God, in contrast to gnosticism, which confuses dualistic knowledge with integral knowledge of God.  Saint Clement insisted genuine knowledge belonged to God by relying on God’s knowledge of God in Holy Trinity.

Knowing is truly known by God, revealing Holy Trinity in uncreated light, extinguishing satanic machinations with God’s triune way of knowing.  Holy Orthodoxy embraced Holy Trinity as God’s genuine knowing, truly known, a very far cry from reified Trinitarian theology.  Metanoia, in the hands of saintly elders, restored genuine knowing with theoria, enlightened wisdom, remembering God, through God, in God, glorifying Holy Trinity.  Recollected recognition still restores remembrance of God, in our own day, as in theirs, giving Holy Orthodoxy living wisdom in ways that renew it from within.  There are many kinds of gnosticism subtly poisoning souls in our age of relativism and nihilism, including the inverted gnosticism that sins against the Holy Spirit by demonising grace, a subtle error widespread in fundamentalist orthodox circles.

God loves wisdom who trusts God’s way of knowing God through God, knowing as knowing knows and is genuinely known.  God loves uncreated light revealing Christ in uncreated glory, transmitting wisdom in the Holy Spirit.  God’s way of purifying hearts enlightens the mind in the heart, deifying saints by glorification in the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit’s ancient ways of knowing have not died out, nor degenerated over the centuries, although the practice of metanoia and theoria is often despised or neglected. Desert wisdom receives Holy Orthodoxy without self-interest and passes it on without reserve, even in this current, decadent age.  God’s knowing is truly known whenever glorification of Holy Trinity is renewed through glorification of saints by God, ensuring God’s knowing is genuinely known through God, beyond the poisonous reach of nihilistic gnosticism.