No Comments on Faith

Faith trusts in God, seeing as God sees, knowing as God knows, recollecting God through God, recognising God in God, remembering God as God remembers God in Holy Trinity.  Sometimes, faith is called ‘blind faith’ because faith does not see as we see, visually perceiving something, or know as we know, empirically experiencing something knowable, but this way of speaking does not do justice to the cognitive heart of faith as God’s recognition of God, or the unitive power of faith as God’s remembrance of God through God in Holy Trinity.  Faith empties love of self-love by completing faith with love of God.

Faith cures doubt by trust in God through God, awakening to God in Holy Trinity, rather than faith in one’s own faith, which is a subjective deviation common in some fundamentalist circles.  Doubt insinuates itself into faith by intruding into faith’s trust in God, inviting in deceptive self-obsession that poisons wholesome trust.  The disease of self-obsession leads to self-love rather than love of God, extinguishing trust in God. It is healed by faith in God that trusts God to heal us, rejoicing in God’s power to save us, emptying us of self-obsession with self-emptying kenosis.

Faith sees through the deceptions of self-love by seeing as God sees, which is wisdom, knowing as God knows, which is glory restoring glory to God through God, revealing Holy Trinity.  Faith may not sees as we see, or know as we know, but faith does see as God sees, knowing as God knows, recognising God in recollection, remembering God in union with God through contemplation.  Faith trusts in God who saves us from self-love by filling us with love of God, overcoming deception by overwhelming us with joy, rejoicing always in God through God.  Holy Trinity is faith’s deep joy, faith’s enduring hope, faith’s loving beloved, delivering us from delusion, indecision, and despair.