Fire of Spirit

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The fire of Spirit ignites the flame of wisdom, revealing burning glory through the unveiled Name.  The Song of Songs awakens holy wisdom in the Holy of Holies, indwelling the cloud of unknowing like a spiritual marriage, generating rebirth in the Holy Spirit.  Christ breathes the Holy Spirit into his disciples when he breathes on them, recreating them in the likeness of his image in his resurrected presence.  Wisdom in the Holy Spirit is timeless, so Christ’s one breath is timeless in its Pentecostal scope and empowering energy.  Wisdom heals division by curing confusion, mirroring God the Holy Trinity as the Thrice-Holy Name.  Uncreated light is confused with awareness when separation divides light from awareness, but wisdom cures separation by discerning uncreated light, opening awareness to the uncreated glory of the presence of God.

Self-love confuses uncreated light with the light of awareness, seducing glory into vainglory, whereas wisdom separates out this confusion, uniting awareness and presence in hallowing communion.  Discernment is wisdom’s concern, whereas glory unites what confusion divides.  Wisdom is uncreated in essence although created when mirroring the uncreated in creation.  Turning the light of awareness round unites the uncreated with the created, the heavenly with the earthly.  Our turning is wisdom’s turning in us, communicating God’s glorification of God in us.  The fire of Spirit transcends our turning but transmits the uncreated turning which turns us that we may turn, to see as we are seen. 

Love of God is fire of wisdom, consuming delusion, restoring communion, anointing hearts with wisdom, cleansing hearts in waters of baptism. Baptism turns so Chrismation sees, but although this is true, the rite of baptism must be lived turning and the rite of anointing lived seeing.  If turning descends into deliberation, wisdom is dissipated and glory degenerates into vainglory.  The uncreated pole remains unmoving as the created world encircles round it, wisdom abiding steadfast in the midst.  The created heavens visibly move but as uncreated pole, wisdom sees through visible creation into revolving invisible heavens.  The healing energy of uncreated light dissolves delusion after each delusion, wisdom exposing illusion after each illusion as glory ascends in Christ from glory to glory.