Mother Wisdom: A Prayer

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O Thou That Art, revealing ‘I AM’ through ‘I AM,’ be Thou my delight, Mother Wisdom, through the grace of Thy Glory!  Thou art my life, light of my heart, love of my life! Open my heart to Thee, my Bride, my Beloved!  May nothing separate me from thee, here in God’s Holy Presence, here in His vision of Thee, Mother Wisdom, in all your glory. Hallowed be Thy Name, O God, in the stillness of thy Presence, soaring way beyond myself, through Thee, Mother Wisdom, into Thee.

Into Thy Presence, Mother Wisdom, I release my life, emptying me into Thee, increasingly, unceasingly.  Thy purity of heart purifies my heart, releasing me into Thee, trusting Thee to be actively my communion with Thee, extinguishing all that separates me from Thee.  Empty me of whatever obscures me from Thee, strengthening my trust in Thee, through Thee.  Mother Wisdom, carry me like a child with thy gentle embrace, dissolving fears with Thy comforting love.

Into Thy Presence, Mother Wisdom, I rest in peace, abiding through Thee in the Spirit of Holiness.  Truth of my life, life of my love, into thy Presence, I release my awareness, ‘I’ into ‘AM’ back into ‘I AM,’ one spirit in the Holy of Holies.  Releasing my being into Thy Presence, Mother Wisdom, be Thou my Bride, my Beloved, one Oneness without ceasing, one breath, one life.

Into Thy Presence, Mother Wisdom, I commend my spirit, into Thy Oneness I commit my presence.  In Thy Oneness of Being, release me into Oneness of Well-Being with Oneness of timeless Well-Being.  Open me to ever-opening glory, from glory to glory! Mother Wisdom, mother me, Thy child, into our Father’s Heavenly Reign, hallowing our Father’s Name, from ‘I AM’ to ‘I AM.’  Mother Wisdom, glory to Thee!  Father of Glory, restore me to Thee!  Mother Wisdom, welcome me home into thy gentle embrace!