Love of Wisdom

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Love of wisdom liberates the uncreated energies of glory with freedom, hallowing the Name with every breath, inspiring every action and reaction with unrestricted freedom.  Stillness permeates inspired action because in glorification, it is the Spirit who is truly active, deifying the body whose actions do not then merely react with material conditioning.  Wisdom is unfettered and free of confusion, undivided by worldly divisions such as gender, race, language and culture.  Wisdom is unperturbed by troubles, undismayed by disappointment, abiding in peace with purity of heart. Wisdom was despised and rejected when sorrows threatened to overwhelm the suffering servant, subjecting unfeigned innocence to crucifixion.  Form was emptied of formality when glory was emptied of vanity, freeing ordinary conditions from fixating conditioning.  The Spirit releases hearts from fettering conditioning, liberating seekers from compulsive seeking.  Love’s Cross of infinite wisdom conquers the world, revealing infinite possibilities in finite situations.  The Name reveals wisdom in glory, opening suffering to unquenchable joy.  

Love of wisdom fell from both love and wisdom when it became scholastic philosophy then philosophical rationalism, relativism or nihilism, bereft of love because deprived of wisdom.  Craving riches, power clings to power, fearing  transparent exposure of its shameless obsessions.  Deprived of a succession principle, dictatorship reduces democracy to sham elections, further enriching kleptocracy by reducing the vast majority to poverty.  Love of wisdom has nothing to lose but collaborates with all, for the benefit of all, renewing democracy from within.  Warring with enemies distracts the oppressed populace from kleptocratic crimes, even in lands blessed by holy lives for centuries.  Suddenly, projected Nazis are said to hide everywhere to justify war, whilst totalitarian propaganda heaps lies upon lies to conceal truth.  Love of wisdom was often martyred, long before Putin’s war, giving today’s Cossack martyrs courage in place of crippling fear of death.  Angels ascend and descend the devastated blood lands of this deviant war, opening earth to heaven and heaven to earth with invincible glory. Wisdom is full of joy even when suffering martyrdom, rendering poverty of spirit spiritually rich with empowering glory.

Wisdom loves glory’s reign of the saving Name, securing freedom that really frees, so does not slavishly crave freedom.  Wisdom does not fear blame or desire praise, preferring humble unknowing to proud knowledge.  Life is death for folly, but death is life for wisdom, crowning death with uncreated light, enthroning life with uncreated glory.  Wisdom fulfils incompleteness with completeness, unifying the purified heart. Seekers find what releases a seeker’s compulsive seeking, revealing ‘I’ in ‘not-I,’ but Christ in one and all.  Christ has many names but is forever free of nominalist name dropping, being gloriously able, as the Word, to communicate the saving Name. Rationalism, relativism and nihilism cannot threaten the saving Name, because the Name saves from them all.  Illusion can no longer delude when the Name saves, being the Name’s saving reign in every dimension.  The humblest soul has access to the Great Name, giving equality its ultimate ground.  Wisdom has no bounds nor is glory bound by restrictive bondage, so what is left of bondage or freedom in the saving reign of infinite openness?