Uncreated Creativity

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The uncreated creativity of Holy Trinity has an infinite imaginative capacity to create anew that co-creates with those whose hearts are unified with uncreated openness. Seers of the Name become saints in the unknowing freedom between known possibilities, liberating the known into unknowing.  The stillness of light is awareness of presence, peaceful and bright in the dreamless clarity of the awakened heart. Stillness is sweet as it blesses hardness of heart, bringing life to the desolation of deadliness.   Wisdom nourishes glory in the presence of awareness, infinite with fruitful possibility, unfailing in its uncreated capacity to enfold incompleteness in wondrous completeness.   Boundless, yet decisive, wisdom is glorious in her uncreated energy, unceasing in her uncreated activity, joyous in her childlike play with infinite possibilities.  Illusion deludes but evaporates when wisdom dawns, knowing that to be is not to be, and not to be is to be, for awareness is presence and presence is awareness.  Stillness neither distracts nor fixates, neither gains nor loses, revealing uncreated wisdom ever-present in uncreated glory everywhere aware.  The Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, restoring glory to the Father with wisdom’s loving gaze, partaking in the kiss and embrace of unfathomable love.

Holy silence is creative in its uncreated creativity, liberating in its loving capacity to release constrictions into unrestricted openness.  Seeing turns and sees there is nothing created to see, here in the midst.  The Name reveals God where ordinary perception saw only three material dimensions of breadth, length and height, opening dimensions of wisdom to glory in deifying oneness, seeing the created energy of matter co-inhering with uncreated energy in Christ, who knows the Father’s union with the Spirit in himself.   ‘I AM HE’ becomes ‘I AM I AM,’ here, where nothing intervenes between wisdom and glory.  No faults obscure wisdom blowing where it wills, embracing countless infinite dimensions with every breath.  Serenity is dynamic in stillness, restful in peace and  blessed in freedom, hallowed in the gaze, embrace and kiss of the Spirit.  Boundless freedom does not struggle to become free; it is already free.  Happenings happen, leaving no trace, like letters written in thin air. Ignorance desires God but wisdom is God, revealing the truth of pure stillness.  Dull confusion desires clarity but pristine clarity does not confuse, being wisdom.

Wisdom is creative in her uncreated creativity, timeless in her uncreated presence. She does not confuse or separate what glory reveals, but reveals timeless presence of awareness in the Holy Name.  Beliefs separate awareness from presence, whereas wisdom’s awareness unveils presence of dazzling glory.  Believers try to transcend separation by separating themselves from separation, but wisdom is radical, cutting through the very roots of separation.  Dictators invade and destroy to impose peace, but loving kindness comes in peace and finds peace, discovering peace already present.  Despots throw their weight around and achieve nothing, except lining their own pockets, whereas humble seers do not lust for power but serve others by co-operating with  them in perfect freedom.  Purity of heart is indifferent to imposed indifference, whereas wisdom shines unfettered in the hallowing beauty of holiness. Wisdom stands steadfast in the freedom of pure stillness, undismayed amidst temptation, glory overflowing with abundance.  The creativity of the uncreated imagination is integral, transcending every past embrace, dancing beyond past and present capacity into future capacity for potent openness with infinite capacity.