Wisdom’s Glory of the Name

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The ‘I’ of the Holy Name ‘I AM,’  is wisdom and the ‘AM’ of the Name is glory, revealing their primordial union to be the completeness of hallowed communion, unconfused yet inseparable, indivisible yet ineffable.   Glorification of the Name is hallowing joy to Orthodox seers, opening past and future to wisdom’s glory of timeless presence.  The glory of the Name consummates the communion of hallowing completeness in the uncreated energy of the heart, revealing the deifying radiance of liberating openness. Ineffable oneness is ever-present for the wisdom of glory, unveiling the indivisible radiance of the glory of wisdom.  Pure ineffability empties oneness of fixated extremes, sustaining openness in radical freedom.  The womb of wisdom sustains prophecy and prayer in the steadfast realms of the Name, nurturing the children of glory with the grace of the Spirit.  Holy mother wisdom shares her loving grace with all, but there are differences in the gifts of grace she gives to each. Her holy charisms defy description, transcending imagination and conceptual expression, as they deify the saints, but manifest with spontaneous freedom as they perfect incompleteness in each and all.

The Name glorifies saints by awakening wisdom in the heart, integrating incompleteness as it transforms into completeness.  The three dimensions of space, breadth, length and height are seen to be translucent in the timeless dimensions of wisdom and glory, revealing the oneness of being as ineffable openness.  Wisdom knows no bias nor extremism in its transcendence of worldly divisions, revealing inviolable glory in realms of timeless freedom.  Grace is unconditioned in its unconfined embrace, ineffable in its wisdom and glory.  Deprived of wisdom, fixation binds the heart, imposing separation that spawns fear and violence.   The cure is grace, easing fear beyond fear, generating love.  Identity politics inevitably separates, whereas wisdom unites without imposing oppressive conformity. Dissolving reification, glory cures relativism and heals nihilism, whilst wisdom rests in peace, abiding in stillness that severs fixation or rejection, transforming incompleteness into consummate completeness.  Glory overflows provisional ways and means, releasing conditioned misconceptions into primordial freedom.  The wisdom of the Name reveals deifying glory everywhere, manifesting multiple dimensions of integral Orthodox Co-inherence.

Wisdom abides with glory in the Holy Name, releasing fixations that come and go, curing obsessive novelty and traditionalist pedantry.  Wisdom wells forth from the heart, pierced open by the wound of love, transcending lethargy and agitation. Deifying glory abides with wisdom in the Father’s embrace of the Son, indwelling the Spirit’s wondrous co-inherence of holy, triune life.  Recognition remembers God, through God, in God, hallowing the thrice-holy Name of Holy Trinity.  The Name transfigures ways and means, revealing truth as way, transforming knower and known into intimate knowing, directly known.  The mystery of mysteries unlocks all doors, awakening hearts to the heaven of heavens on earth, restoring glory in the Holy of Holies.  Suffering unveils joy of heart generating ineffable openness, releasing cause and effect into completeness.  The mystery of mysteries conceals the Name from curious scrutiny, preserving humility from presumptuous pride.   Wisdom is decisive when glory is definitive in the Holy Name, dissolving relativist confusion and nihilist division.  Reified extremes leave no trace when wisdom awakens to glory in the Name, restoring falls from grace in the humble beauty of holiness.