Wisdom Song

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Wisdom song chants the revelatory Name, unveiling God at centre in the midst. Wisdom, turning awareness round, opens to glory ever-present, infinitely nearer than near.  Glory restores glory to God, purifying the heart, liberating glory from vanity. Vainglory reigns when confusion spreads division everywhere.  Dull darkness dims what dazzling darkness illumines, extinguishing stillness and love.  The Name whispers in the midst, releasing awareness from distraction, presence from delusion, purifying by illuminating the heart    The shining reign of the dazzling Name enthrones God by crowning saints, awakening to the Spirit’s unceasing prayer that all be saved.  Turning turns awareness round to awaken to uncreated presence.  Love’s glory is boundless when wisdom sings, giving freely what vanity steels, depriving the enemy of all power to spread enmity. When glory falls, love is quenched, so fear sets in and terror terrorises all who fall short of love.  Love’s glory lies in raising hearts from fear, turning terror into whole-hearted trust, transposing despair into hope, control into love.  Heaven embraces earth in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies, the beauty of wisdom proclaiming the reign of the deifying Name.

As wisdom turns and seeing sings, centrifugal dissipation turns into centripetal integration, raising choirs of ascending saints to chant glory to God among expanding angelic choirs.  Turning turns and seeing sees, redeeming fallen glory from dissipating disintegration and addictive falls.  Glory rises to ascend with Christ into the Father’s uncreated light, releasing division from confusion and confusion from division. Nothing is cut off from God when no-one is confused, and no-one is confused when division’s reign is decisively overcome.  Saints are not liberated except by grace, which glorifies the glorified with uncreated glory.  Grace is not extinguished by sinner’s falls, but turns falls round into defying glory.  God is not deceived by satanic falls, but sees through disintegration to the glory of the co-inherent Name.  Ignoble ignorance refuses to turn and see, preferring to stay dissipated but in control.  But wisdom sings her healing gaze and kiss, preferring the timeless embrace love’s glory gives.  Gratitude gives thanks with every glance, when the eye of the heart awakens to join the dance.  

Bright sadness melts frozen hearts, inspiring integral gratitude and joy.  Wisdom sings ‘Hallelu-Yah,’ hallowing the Name.  God’s Name, glorified by angels and saints in heaven, hallows the earth with resplendent resonance.  The Name transfigures translucence to bring to light the glory of grace, offering integral enlightenment to all. Some turn and see but all are actually included in the embrace of the Name, blessed by the gaze of wisdom and the kiss of peace.  Dissipating obscuration clears away as uncreated light dawns, transfiguring grace with dazzling glory.  Wisdom abides unwavering in the reign of the Name, though when falls occur, glory offers healing with its hallowing cures.  The Spirit prays without ceasing, giving sustenance to wavering souls, enabling elders to discern glory transcending falls.  Wisdom’s compassion cures addictive passions in the heart of uncreated light, glorying sinners as they turn, deifying saints as they see as they are seen by God.  Wisdom song, beholding falls that fail to see, holds wisdom steadfast, empowering glory to see as it is seen.