Way of the Name

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The way of the Name is straight and simple in the gaze of wisdom’s ‘single eye,’ pure and clear as the kiss of peace, luminous and enlightening within the embrace of grace. The saving light of grace is uncreated, purifying and enlightening the heart, releasing awareness from divisive confusion.  The wisdom of the Gospel of John is decisive for Hesychast saints who follow in the way of the Name, awakening through grace of uncreated light to the timeless reign of glory.  Earth resonates with heaven through the Name, opening heaven to earth by awakening to heaven on earth with every breath.  The Spirit breathes inspiration into every perception when wisdom dawns, purifying awareness of intrusive worldly interests, awakening wisdom to enlightening glory in the Name.  Grace reveals the Name with glory once hallowing begins to open earth to heaven, extinguishing delusion that confuses and divides.  Wisdom restores the glory of heaven on earth by hallowing the Name, grounding the Prayer of Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer.

The way of the Name hallows elders who transmit the mysteries of glory to saints in the Name, opening the way of the Name from Saint Silouan the Athonite to Saint Sophrony the Hesychast, embracing the inspiration of Saint Seraphim of Sarov through the acquisition of the Holy Spirit in the way of the Name, which reveals the uncreated light of glory.  Delusion maintains illumination is delusion, proof that pride inflates illusion everywhere.  But humble wisdom refuses to be deceived, trusting grace to cure vainglory and pride, for God’s reign shines on earth as in heaven, without dithering or wavering between good and evil.  It is not that saints are not sinners but that when sinners turn and see, they become saints who are turned and seen, humbly rejoicing in grace to the greater glory of God.  Saints are not satanically separated from sinners, standing aloof from sinners in their pride, but belong with sinners who repent, turn and see, bearing witness to grace and the glory that grace bestows.  Pride refuses to bend its knee to the glory of grace, accusing grace of pride but also accusing the Spirit of deception, which is the sin against the Spirit, rejecting and refusing forgiveness.

The way of the Name humbly bears witness to the glory of grace that graciously saves repentant sinners from vainglory and pride.  Saints turn and see the light of the glory of grace, which is uncreated, not created, trusting the grace of right-glorification, which gives Orthodoxy its name.  Elders know Holy Orthodoxy is not religion that prides itself on its superiority to worldly sinners but grace that turns repentant sinners into saints.  Wise elders unveil the glory of grace to sinners, who turn and see as God sees them, not as sinners condemned to hell but as sinners loved, forgiven and restored by grace.  The glory of grace reveals the way of the Name to sinners who turn as they are turned, seeing as they are seen, transformed and transfigured by grace. Pride continues to condemn sinners to hell, vainly glorifying those who presume to save themselves by their own efforts and strength.  Humility trusts God’s grace to save sinners who turn and see, saving and redeeming sinners by grace, bearing witness to the healing way of the Name.