Golden Crowning

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Turning the light of awareness round awakens golden crowning, illumining awareness in the heart.  Heaven and earth unite in uncreated light, opening to uncreated glory. Illumination purifies the heart, revealing glory to the eye of wisdom.  The reign of glory first appears to be within us, but the glory of wisdom reveals the completeness of golden crowning everywhere, embracing everything.  Generous theophanies of Spirit reveal the priceless pearl that regenerates creation, revealing the flame of the saving Name.  The holy alchemy of the hallowing Name transforms the lead of external perception into the hallowing gold of blessed recollection and remembrance of God.  A golden halo is the icon of recognition and remembrance, turning awareness round into awareness of uncreated energy, awakening wisdom to glory.  Glorifying earthly empire usurps God’s reign of uncreated glory, hardening the heart.  Netherworlds of hell hover over the desolate wastelands of war, consuming compassion with violent passion. Holiness sinks into mindless violence once empire replaces genuine glory.  Golden crowning reverses hell’s reversal of God’s reign of grace, restoring glory to God.  The eye of wisdom unveils uncreated light, restoring glory to glory in heavenly realms.

Turning the light of awareness back, awakens the heart to uncreated glory.  In Christ, material things are like crystals of uncreated light, awakening perception of light through light, light in light, God from God.  Christ reveals golden crowning of every perception and every material thing, undoing materialism from within and from without.  Once awareness turns, everything turns, enlightening heaven on earth and earth in heaven. The awakened eye of the heart is the key to heaven’s opened door, revealing a heavenly earth and an earthly heaven.  Timeless glory is present in every moment of time, connecting the fleeting present to uncreated presence.  Stillness abides in the awareness of uncreated presence, awakening pure presence to uncreated awareness, which is wisdom.  Shallow perception matures into deep awareness through stillness, which is the wisdom of Orthodox Hesychasm. The ineffable mind of Christ fulfils wisdom with glory, deifying saints.  Boundless wisdom is what it always was, an open heaven, a transfigured earth.  

Wisdom puts a stop to oblivious neglect by seeing through it, severing delusion by shattering illusion.  The insight of wisdom transcends endless dissipation by centring at centre where all centres coincide.  There are many names for this centring awareness, but numerous names do not divide wisdom into warring extremes.  The centre of centres is everywhere because omnipresence is omnipresent everywhere. Once heaven opens, the gate is everywhere.  Passing thoughts appear and disappear, but wisdom is timeless presence, ever-present at centre everywhere.  A Hesychast phenomenology of Spirit suspends ordinary perception by awakening wisdom, discerning the timeless logoi of passing phenomena in the hidden Logos.  The mind awakens in the heart where heaven weds earth in the Holy of Holies.  The Name sows seeds of uncreated light that wisdom harvests as uncreated glory.   True turning unveils holy seeing, restoring awareness to timeless presence.  Turning without seeing is blind seeking.  Seeing without turning is deaf perception.  Remembrance of God chrismates golden crowning, uniting recognition with illumined recollection.  Crowning enthrones saints in wisdom and enthroning crowns saints in glory, regenerating ineffable openness for all, that all may turn and see.