Wisdom of Yah Shuah Mari Yah

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Wisdom sings at the heart of the Church, unveiling the Bride of Christ hidden in the Holy of Holies.  She awakens union in the Bridal Chamber so as to communicate communion, gifts of Christ her Beloved in mysteries of glorification.  Wisdom sings through the heart of the Beloved Disciple, inspiring the Fourth Gospel which imparts illumination and glorification through revelation of the Name.   In the Book of Revelation, she unveils the mysteries of Lamb and Bride and communicates love’s glory in the three Epistles of John.  Her name and gender were concealed so that in a patriarchal epoch, her prophecy could be heard and revered as scripture at the heart of the Church.  Holy anonymity was a wise expression of the glory of her self-emptying love, which turned her many later martyrdoms into  icons of her radiant beauty.  Perhaps she bequeathed the Church her Odes, concealed under the revered name Solomon, so that her hymns were preserved as the Church’s Book of Psalms and Song of Songs.  In these forty-two Odes of great beauty, the voice of the Bride is heard together with the Bridegroom in wisdom songs from the glory of the Holy of Holies.  But the Church was not ready for this gift, which was lost and so forgotten for many centuries.

Yeshua, whose name ‘Yah Shuah’ means ‘I AM saves,’ still sings his wisdom songs through the awakened heart of the Beloved Disciple, his co-companion, Mary, whose name ‘Mari Yah’ means ‘my Lord is ‘I AM.’   According to all four canonical gospels, Mary Magdala was the apostle to the apostles, the first to bear witness to the resurrection, the first to voice the hallowing wisdom that discerns the glory of the Name.  Her witness as the Bride reveals Christ’s nuptial mysteries that unveil conjugal glory at the heart of the Cherubic Church.  But her identity was veiled so that what the Beloved Disciple had imbibed from her union with her Beloved, leaning back on his breast at the Last Supper, was handed on in silence from generation to generation.  The unspoken mysteries were present in her heart as she stood at the foot of the cross and watched with him on Calvary.   She was with him in the Spirit as he descended into hell and bore witness to his harrowing of hell in her Odes.   Finding the tomb empty, she turned and saw him in the garden but did not recognise him until he named her name, Mary.  Awake to him in her midst, she turned and saw as she was seen, witnessing the glory of resurrection.  As Bride, she initiated the Church into Christ’s Bridal Mysteries.   She was the Church before the Church, calling the Church into being, but was providentially redacted into kenotic anonymity so that the towering strength of the Migdala was veiled, her witness revelatory.  

Wisdom, the mystical heart of Orthodox tradition, remained hidden with her in Christ, preserving the ‘Lady chosen by God’ (2 John 1:1) from profane prejudice, so that those who come to know her in the Spirit, love her and remember God’s Name.  Her mystagogical legacy remained veiled but radiant at the heart of the Byzantine and the Latin Churches but in the communities that preserved the gospels of Philip and Mary Magdalene, she was remembered by name and revered.   The Oriental Eastern Churches spread from Antioch to Edessa, from Nisibis to Herat, from Syria to India, from Samarkand to Tibet and from Persia to China, veiling her wisdom from scrutiny so as to unveil love’s glory  to all.  The Churches of the Silk Road were martyred over and over again but left crypto-christian inspiration in Sufism under Islam, as Dzogchen in Tibet and as Taoist Alchemy in China.  The Mar Thoma Churches in India still use the Syriac language of the Odes in their liturgies and the gnomic wisdom that inspired the Fourth Gospel still illumines elders and saints in both the Byzantine east and the Latin west.  Wisdom veils to unveil, a martyred witness that renews the Church in glory so as to increase wisdom through the  glory of the Name.   She renews her witness whenever with her we turn and see Christ risen, ascended and glorified here in the midst.   Her time is come when the Name is hallowed so in glory the Kingdom comes.   Wisdom is loved and known when the wisdom of Yah Shuah is transmitted in the wisdom songs of his Beloved Disciple, Mari Yah, the apostle of wisdom and glory.  Her legacy is wisdom, wisdom that discerns the glory of the Name and imparts light of glory to every generation.