Signature of God

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Our human lives are sealed by the signature of God, written ineffably in our hearts, saying: ‘I AM’ is God’s Name, revealing God, through God, in God.  In Ode 23 of the Odes of Solomon, the Odist sings of the revelatory Name as God’s dispatch, his sealed letter, shot like an arrow from his bow to unveil the insignia of the Kingdom.  God’s seal is known to God and by means of it, his own are known to him.  His insignia is his mark of identification revealing God’s image through his seal.  The signature of God is his Name and it seals the hearts of all who awaken to ‘I AM.’   When we are turned by God and see him here at centre, we are marked directly by his Name, nearer than near, signed and sealed right here by him, as his.   God reveals his unsealed image in us, for we are created in his image, signed and sealed as his.  He claims us as his very own by means of his sealing Name, unveiling our humanness in the divine light of his glory.   When the eye of our heart opens to God in the midst, wisdom awakens and glory is discerned, opening hearts to God in all and transfiguring all in God.   

God the Father signs and seals us with his own Name so that when Christ opens his seal, the insignia of the Kingdom, here in the midst, we are emptied of confusion here at centre.  The delusion of self-centredness is dissolved and the mystery of God-centredness begins to dawn.  Awakening to God in his Name ‘I AM’ releases addictive fixation, which confuses us with God, healing separation that divides us from God.  Truly to know ourselves we must be emptied of the self-obsession of self-love, for in true self-emptying, God unseals his Name and gives us himself.   There is no sign of monistic confusion in God nor is there trace of dualistic separation, for God is ‘I AM’ revealing God, beyond confusion or division.   At centre, God’s uncreated ‘I’ awareness is ever-present and God’s uncreated ‘AM’ presence is ever-aware, the mystery of divine identity which identifies us as his.  ‘I ‘ and ‘AM’, divine awareness and divine presence are indivisible in God, well able through his Name to heal division between subject and object in us, with infinite capacity to unite knower and known in the grace of knowing as we are known.  The uncreated oneness of the Name above all names is saving, as the name Jesus (‘I AM’ saves) bears witness.  

God signs the signature of his Name ‘I AM’ in us, opening our inseeing  eye to the oneness of his Triune life, awakening the heart to theophanic vision through his Name.  God the Father seals us as his own when God the Son signs the signature of his Name in our heart, calling us by name in the Holy Spirit’s Chrism of the light of glory.  When God the Holy Spirit signs Christ’s Name ‘I AM’ in us, he makes us children of God by grace and gives us through the Son to the Father, becoming our very life when when he signs God’s Name in us so that we are released into glory.  Glorification is the fruit of Triune divine signature whereby God seals us as his own and unseals his secret in our midst.  Deification is the grace of the Father’s seal, unsealed by Christ, transfiguring our brokenness with uncreated light, signed by the Spirit and poured out like holy oil to hallow the holy.  This Triune grace remains ineffable yet shows us who we shall be when we are unsealed and glory reigns.  God’s signature is seared into our heart as a wound of love, a seraphic flame that seals us with his Name.  The radiance of God’s seal and signature marks us as his, children of light, light from his light, image of his image, transforming us from his glory into his increasing glory.