Wisdom calling

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Confusion and division corrupt perception but wisdom stands steadfast in the midst, calling to her children to come out from corruption into undying light, saying:  ‘Turn and see God here at centre, healing the corruption of the usurper.  Listen to the Word that names the Name and awaken in the Spirit who hallows by unveiling glory, curing the corruption of confusion and division.  Return in light to the glory that heals and hallows God’s Name aright, releasing confusion into light and restoring division to glory in sound communion.’

 Wisdom beholds the glory of ‘I AM,’ acknowledging the revelation of God’s Name, ascribing all glory to God.  For God is ‘I AM’, that is his Name. and his glory is shared with wisdom, imparting glory to hearts that turn in the Spirit to the Son’s revelation of the Father’s Name.  Wisdom is from above and what appears below is really already above, leaving no separation here below, an earthly heaven embracing a heavenly earth.  Heaven and earth are fulfilled in glory, which wisdom sees and shares with us when glory reigns.  This is what glorification means, and deification, theosis, is what happens when God descends to meet our ascent.  Wisdom is glory seen when glory turns us round so wisdom sees.  Children of God are revealed when grace turns hearts so they can see and turned hearts see glory increase in glory everywhere that uncreated light awakens them.

Holy, holy , holy is ‘I AM,’ God unveiled by light as glory.  Heaven and earth are transfigured with glory when wisdom blesses those who awaken to the Name ‘I AM.’ Glorification gathers the many into one, for ‘I AM,’our God, is one.   With the perfection of pure symmetry, 1:1, God’s ‘I’ awareness is one with God’s ‘AM’ presence in his Name, revealed by the Son as oneness embracing uncreated and created energies in pure consonance, 1:2, revealing the completeness of Holy Trinity as perfect resonance, 2:3,  grounding creation in God as God’s symphonic countenance, 3:4.  The perfect consonance of the tonic, 1:1, is the perennial symbol of the oneness of the Name, the octave, 1:2, of Christ’s person in two natures, divine and human, the fifth, 2:3, of Holy Trinity revealing the threefold oneness of God, and the fourth, 3:4, the theandrocosmic four-ness of God’s glorified creation, four elements, four directions, four winds, and four seasons.  Wisdom’s calling restores all in the Name, redeems all in Christ, completes all in Holy Trinity, and deifies all in glorification.  For Orthodox wisdom, the ancient science of harmony springs from wisdom’s revelation of God’s Name, of Christ’s divine-humanity, of Holy Trinity and of glorification.  Other wisdoms have different ways of expressing this, but wisdom is not corruptible, so in glory neither confusion nor division reign.  Wisdom stands steadfast in the midst, calling us to turn and see, calling us to embrace light and glory by hallowing the Name.