Wings of the Spirit

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The Spirit’s wings guard the heart, outstretched by the sign of the Cross, extended to embrace the whole world, expanding to the depths of hell.  Wisdom trusts the Cross to illumine the mind in the heart, deifying saints in the glory of the Holy Name of God.

Winged trust rises above abysmal depths of despair, enabling the heart to soar over deceptive division whilst receiving sure foundations in the hidden depths of God. Christ, a scandal to religion, imparts wisdom, hallowing the Name with glorification.

Older than memory, timeless wisdom gives wings to faith, enabling trust to rise from earth to heaven, empowering heavenly glory to descend to earth.  Wisdom remembers God, who remembers God in us, liberating us through God’s glorification of God.

Sustained by uncreated light, glory gives the human heart wings by wedding with the Holy Spirit in the unfathomable depths of God, unsealing Christ’s fountains of wisdom in the midst.  Blessed is the saving Name that hallows holy wisdom with bright glory.

Wisdom turns the heart right round, awakening the mind in the heart, illumining sinners in the saving Name, liberating saints in glory.  The Spirit’s wings renew the heart in the hallowing Name, resting in peace in the perfecting Completeness of God. 

Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul