Gardens of Paradise

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Holy is the Name that opens gardens of paradise, revealing God present in the midst, unveiling the way of peace to sinners, through Apostles and Prophets, unveiling saints.

Holy is the way of the Name that quenches thirst for heaven on earth, emptying vanity from vainglory, revealing pure glory, bearing fruits of light in shimmering radiance.

Holy is the light that illumines the heart, breathing in eternal life, revealing deification in enlightening gardens, opening realms of paradise through the hallowed Name. 

Holy is the Name of Christ whose peace is the Father’s secret mystery, hidden before and after time, blessing hearts with timeless awakening, communicating immortality.

Blessed is the Holy Spirit who pierces hearts in the midst, inspiring God’s remembrance of God through God, hallowing hearts with holy glorification.

Glory be to God whose presence communicates paradise wherever turning turns, wherever wisdom sees, discerning the glory of God’s timeless presence.

Great peace reigns when paradise dawns, where grace reveals uncreated light, where glory enlightens hearts in the reign of the hallowing Name.

Synaxis of the Holy Apostles