Mari Yah

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Mari Yah, my Lord, Thou art ‘I AM,’ my God, revealing EHYEH, God’s Name, mystery of mysteries in the Holy of Holies.  Wondrous beyond words, revealed by the Word, God’s Word names the Name, unveiling God, astonishing hearts with astounded amazement. O Mari Yah, bless humble awareness with dazzling glory, for Thou art my Lord, Thou art my God! 

Mari, my Lord, yoke of my life, Yah, my God, joy of my heart!  My face is reflected there, in the pool at my feet, unveiling Thy Face here, in the mirror image of God.  Mari Yah,  Thou art God’s mirror image here, nearer than near, extinguishing delusion confusing me with Thee, healing division separating me from Thee.  Yah Shuah, saving Name, be Thou my Lord, be Thou my God!

Mari Yah, my Beloved, Spirit of Truth, I am Thine, not mine, in this praise of Thy glory. HosannaHosanna, Hallelu Yah!  Flawless purity is Thine, here, in the grace of God’s Name.  Wash me clean with the light of Thy wisdom, revealing glory of grace in Thy wondrous embrace!  Mari, my Lord, Thou art Yah, my God!  Hallowed be thy glorious Name in the wondrous realms of Thy Reign of Grace!