No Comments on Stillness

Stillness abides in uncreated light, revealing glory to wisdom, knowing God as God knows God, transcending worldly knowledge.  Stillness awakens the inmost heart where God dwells, revealing glory to wisdom, uniting awareness with presence through the Holy Name of God.  Hesychast tradition bears witness to the divine presence, partaking in the timeless life of heaven, which is God’s eternal life in heavenly realms.  Nothing can separate the Name from God, or confuse God with the world, so nothing can shatter the peace of pure stillness.

Christ stills storms of confusion, healing dissipating division, imparting peace to all who turn and see God’s presence in the midst.  Hesychast seers are hallowed by the Name, consecrated by God’s power to save, healed by grace in realms of glory, hidden from narrow, shallow delusions.  Wisdom’s vision is not a distant hope but an intimate infusion which humbly cures narrow exclusions, healing shallow confusions in the inmost heart, purifying awareness with a view to revealing mysteries only wisdom knows.

Stillness includes childlike trust, releasing fear into love’s timeless freedom, knowing the glory of wisdom as God knows God, through God.  That is why Hesychast wisdom bears witness to Holy Trinity, rather than preen itself on its own cleverness, resting instead in Great Peace.  Liberated by grace, Hesychast seers do not trust in their own attainment, but in Thrice-Holy mysteries that infinitely transcend their efforts. Liberated while living, they abide in the Spirit which blows where it wills, freely dissolving confusion and healing division.