Beloved Disciple

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The Beloved Disciple communicates love, having first been loved, which is why love became the overarching theme of the Fourth Gospel, the three Epistles of John and the Book of Revelation.  Forty-two Odes of love were the Church’s first Hymn Book from the circle of the Beloved Disciple, lost for many centuries but found again by the Quaker scholar, James Rendell Harris and published in 1911.  Harris dated the Odes to 70-100 AD, and James Charlesworth, translator and interpreter of the Odes in 1973, agreed.  The witness of the Beloved Disciple revealed the glory of love and uncreated grace, the mysteries of virgin birth and descent into hell, unveiling love’s translucent vision of crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and glorification.

The wisdom of the Beloved Disciple springs forth from the loving heart of Christ’s union with the Father, speaking directly to every generation, empowering love’s rest in peace through glory.  All the children of God are taught by love when the Beloved Disciple is truly heard and loved, awakening them to the grace of eternal life.  The Odist speaks with the voice of Christ and the voice of the Beloved Disciple, re-awakening prophecy and prayer in the Holy Spirit, revealing mysteries of union as mysteries of glory.  God reveals his inmost heart in these mysteries, never ceasing to abide in the hearts of saints.  God’s loving faith faithfully transfigures saints, sealing their hearts with the seal of the Spirit, awakening the wisdom of love in timeless glory.

Transcending gender, the Beloved Disciple awakens disciples to the glory of love in every generation, restoring glory to the Father through the Son, in the communion of the Holy Spirit.  God’s faithful love regenerates the tradition anew whenever metanoia turns and theoria sees, completing the wisdom of the Beloved Disciple with loving glorification.  Everything comes and goes except love’s glory, which is the uncreated energy of God, discerned by wisdom, revealing God’s love.  Prophecy speaks with the voice of love, awakening prayer with the kindness of love, never wavering from the way of undying love.  The Beloved Disciple rejoices in the Gospel of love, abiding in love’s unwavering wisdom, curing fear with the glory of love, restoring love through love.