Confirmation, not information

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What the informational mind sees as repetition, wisdom sees as confirmation, repeatably dancing round symbols to confirm them in the heart.  What the informational mind would edit out, the heart embraces as wisdom, integrating what the mind excludes. These two mentalities are not distinguished until wisdom dawns, dissolving confusion and divisive exclusion, releasing imposed, rational control. Wisdom loves repeated clarification because she loves to encircle extremes in order to integrate them, giving the heart repeated opportunities to assimilate confirmation, rather than cling to information. 

The practice of wisdom is impossible without turning, metanoia, and seeing, theoria, which cut through distraction and cure oblivion, congealing confusion and stabilising wisdom.  Stillness deepens as distractions are released, giving confirmation to the heart through glorification.  Uncreated energy is creative as it purifies the heart, illumining the mind in the heart, revealing the glory of the Gospel of Grace.  Eternal birth of the Logos in the heart is revelatory, confirming the heart in deifying conformity with glory, unlike acquisition of information, which falls far short of glory.

Mechanical techniques are forced whereas the practice of wisdom is freeing, purifying and illumining the heart.  Soundless resonance and formless radiance confirm the heart with ineffable wisdom, opening pure capacity with great potential, curing nihilistic indifference with uncreated clarity.  Shallow attention clings to the shadows whereas wisdom invigorates the heart with liberating energy, confirming union of mind and heart.  Harmonious wisdom glorifies God, conjoining heaven and earth, opening realms of light to ineffable glory, hallowing holy seers in the Holy of Holies.