No Comments on Coronation

The Coronation of the King has deep roots way back in ancient royal wisdom mysteries stemming from the Jerusalem Temple, mysteries of crowning with wisdom and enthronement in glory which the Christian tradition opened to all.  Monarchy treasures these ancient symbols as do all who treasure monarchy as an icon of enlightening wisdom and glorification.  Today, many affirmed their allegiance to the King but for some this was also an implicit allegiance to wisdom regenerating not only the constitution but also our common life.

Turning, metanoia, crowns with uncreated light of wisdom whilst seeing, theoria, enthrones with uncreated glory, deifying maturing seers into hallowed saints whilst sustaining sacred tradition from within.  Even in very secular times, monarchy reminds seers that wise remembrance of God is regenerative, that wisdom spans different ages with an integral embrace.  As Prince of Wales, the King inaugurated a wisdom and harmony initiative that now silently sustains his reign as King, acknowledging the sovereignty of harmonious wisdom.

Coronation is still a sacramental principle which bears visible witness to harmony, whose ineffable foundation is wisdom and glory.  Royalists have many different reasons to revere monarchy, but for contemplative seers, coronation bears witness to wisdom.  For Christians, the Kingship of Christ is never tyranny but unselfish service, not dictatorial power but liberating freedom.  Bearing witness to the Father in the Holy Spirit, Christ’s wisdom was self-emptying and his glory was the excruciating Cross, hallowing saints in his Name and glorifying the Name in his saints.