Wisdom’s Name means love

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The Apostle says he imparts wisdom, the secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God ordained before the ages for our glory (1 Cor 2:7).  This wisdom no eye sees, no ear hears, nor heart imagines, but love prepares for all who love God. all who love enemies as themselves.  This hidden wisdom is revealed by the Holy Spirit to search out love in the very depths of God.  It is the wisdom that discerns the loving depths of glory concealed in unselfish love.   Wisdom is spiritual discernment of love’s glory, the glory of ‘I AM’ present in the midst, ‘I AM’ crucified by external powers but wonder of wonders, crucifying the confusion and division which give them power.  Rejection of love confuses and divides, whereas wise love disjoins to conjoin.  Wisdom discerns love’s glory within Logos, telling the inside story of hallowing love.  Love delights to love because it is love’s joy to love, without extrinsic reason or exterior ends.  Love inverts every inversion that refuses love, rebutting the refusals that prefer to remain confused than to be infused by love.  Wisdom’s cross of unselfish love undoes confusion that empowers delusion, restoring the glory of unselfish love.

The Name says: Come and see!  Seek yourself in ‘I AM,’ seek ‘I AM’ in yourself.  He who knows himself is known by God, for God is ‘I AM,’ knowing knower and known in Holy Trinity.  Love knows and imparts wisdom of unknowing love whose glory is divine unknowing that alone truly knows, knowing that to be loved and known, love turns us outside in.  Metanoia entails metanoetic inversion, instasis in divinis, conversion by inversion into God.  Metanoia inverts by turning outside in, turning confusion back into communion, and by conversion, transposing division into union that embraces wholesome difference.   Pathological conjunction is disjoined by wisdom so that disjunction may be wholly conjoined in glory.  Conjunctive disjunction produces paradox whereas disjunctive conjunction handles dialectic which negates every negation until inversion into God is complete.  In God, God’s own loving completeness embraces the slaughtered Lamb, a crown of thorns, dying to death and crucifying the crucifixion of ‘I AM.’   To be in him is to embrace his crown, die his death, and rise in him with him.  Christ is all in person making persons of us all.  Hypostatic personhood in Christ stands under all by entering into God, standing out of self-centred disorientation by standing into God-centred orientation.  There is no way to this since all ways go out from this.  ‘I AM’ is not a way to God but the way of truth and life in God.  All ways and means invert when out turns in and in drops out.  Confusion goes out unconfused as God turns us in to abide in his Name at centre, abiding where God abides.

Meister Eckhart saw that God does not know because he is but rather he is because he knows.  This single-eyed wisdom sees into the very heart of the mystery of the Holy Name.  God is ‘AM’ because as ‘I,’ his isness or presence is awareness inverting to release.  Metanoia releases by inversion into God, turning us back into the Logos, restoring us to the glory which love has always known.  Love is the reward of love, as Mother Julian saw; love is love’s bliss, love’s glory and love’s crown.  Love loves because love loves, transcending all calculation, all hint of gain or thought of why.  Love is Trinity unveiling love’s gratuitous grace in the Name.  Love is the Father’s gift of himself to the Son and love is also the Son’s love alight in us, the glory of his reciprocating gift to the Father.  Love is the Spirit’s meaning when as wisdom, the Spirit proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, interceding without ceasing for all, restoring all through Logos to glory, glory opening to glory by incessant release.  Love is release, emptying love of self-interest.  Love is sacrifice and sacrifice is the hidden meaning of Logos, gathering the scattered.  Sacrifice is whole burnt offering at centre, consuming confusion, and communion offering off-centre, healing division.  The name of Jesus, Yah Shuah, means ‘I AM saves’ and so expresses the love the Logos means when it unveils the saving Name.  His ‘I AM’ sayings with names say what love’s Name says by affirmation, so that his ‘I AM’ sayings without names, by negation and negation of negation, grant love’s complete release.  ‘I AM’ is God’s Name transmitting love’s liberating grace that tells love’s counterintuitive story of the saving Name.  Love grounds our beseeching as the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart, the Name’s saving energy as it works wondrous release.  Love grounds prayer and love answers prayer, being God’s prayer within all prayers and God’s answer to all prayers.  Love, says Mother Julian, is his meaning, love revealed by love, just because love is love, love releasing into love.