Integral Orthodox Wisdom

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The integral Orthodox wisdom of ‘I AM’ with divine predicates handles multiple Orthodox perspectives within flexible, expanding meta-perspectives, which are timelessly renewed by trans-persectival Orthodox wisdom, the wisdom of ‘I AM’ beyond all predicates.  This trans-persectival wisdom heals narcissistic nihilism by guiding narrow, shallow perspectives toward wider and deeper meta-perspectives, capable of embracing what their divisive exclusions were condemning.  Free of oppressive closures, this encompassing wisdom opens Orthodoxy to ever-expanding heights and depths.  In the uncreated light of wisdom, every conventional Orthodox opinion is a limited perspective that only approximates to Orthodox wholeness and Catholicity.  So integral Orthodox wisdom skilfully opens existing perspectives to enhance well-being in new ways, by uncovering timeless well-being in unexpected, unconventional ways.   Wisdom shepherds are aware that post-conventional transcendence is a moving, leading edge, for what is unconventional today becomes conventional tomorrow.  Healthy tradition preserves what is valid in each perspective, transcending its narrow heterodox exclusions, releasing as it includes.  Wisdom shatters schematic dogmatism as it renews catalytic dogmatic symbols in age after age.  Narrow dogmatism can be a drag on awakening to what dogma serves to signify.  When fear runs riot, dogmas degenerate into dogmatism, but when love reigns, they regenerate so wisdom thrives.  Sometimes, anxious Orthodoxy becomes entangled in a reign of terror which only love can cure, raising shallow egocentrism or narrow ethnocentrism to a wholesome openness that includes all who were excluded by exclusion.  

Healthy Orthodoxy is not obsessed with itself but has a wholesome divine-human-cosmic embrace.  Whatever is true in narrow perspectives is included but their exclusions are transcended.  Nihilistic relativism, which is rife in the post-modern world, can cure itself when its awareness of relativity is affirmed but its refusal to evaluate perspectives is released.  Discerning its inherent contradictions, it begins instead to integrate what its denials excluded.  Instead of clinging to its own opinion, it listens to Logos and lets Logos unravel its self-contradictions.  Logos imparts vision logic, which transcends all binary logics by restoring Logos, wisdom which preceded it laying hold of Logos that transcends it.  The Logos of glory is our original destiny calling us to integrate coming glory with the timely fullness of glory’s advent presence.  Wisdom’s ascent coincides with glory’s descent as wisdom transcends all perspectives with a knowing that conjoins knower and known in Holy Trinity.  This hallowing metanoesis noetically beholds what transcends noesis, knowing what only unknowing in God, through God, can know.  The Church never confused her gnosis with heterodox gnosticism, but those who in modern times are ignorant of the Patristic tradition, are often unable to tell the difference, confusing Orthodox unknowing wisdom with heretical gnosis.  

Anxious Orthodoxy fears threats, paranoid Orthodoxy perceives attacks, depressed Orthodoxy breeds despair, whereas healthy Orthodoxy cures fear and prays for enemies, healing self-interested despair with hope in God.  Sin, falling short of glory, says: I am bad, timeless life is far too much for me and there is no hope for me, whereas love’s glory says:  ‘I AM’ is overwhelming goodness, timeless life is overflowing fullness and self-despair is actually hope in ‘I AM.’  Wisdom loves to come up with new and unexpected perspectives, or unconventional meta-perspectives, even post-conventional transcendence of all limited perspectives.  She loves to cut through every perspective and all kinds of perspectivism, leaping right over shallow or narrow obsession with perspectival perception.  Wisdom recognises, releases and transcends all perspectival perception, transposing it into trans-perspectival translucence.   She completes recognition, assimilation and consummation by embracing incompatible and conflictual contradiction at the heart of integral vision.  Wisdom’s wholesome vision throws non-spatial scope and timeless span together, seeing win-win well-being everywhere.  Wisdom reframes well-being as timeless ever-well-being and ineffable openness that handles different perspectives without ever closing down.  Integral Orthodox wisdom handles multiple shallow and narrow perspectives by transcending and including them in more complete meta-perspectives, opening beyond all perspectival opinion to wisdom’s embrace of glory in the Holy of Holies.  Hallowing the Name, the Kingdom comes, infusing Orthodoxy with wise wholeness, encompassing capacity for wholesome completeness.  The incompleteness of shallow, narrow perspectives is transfigured from within by the glory of the Holy Name.  Dogmatism releases as unceasing unfolding of multiple perspectives opens beyond perspectival limitations, simultaneously transcended in pure awareness of God, seeing God through God, integral wisdom beholding: ‘I AM who I AM.’  Orthodox wisdom is integral because God is Holy Trinity:  ‘I AM’ grounds us as ‘I AM’ unfolds us, to enfold us in Spirit as ‘I AM.’