Wisdom, Break-through to Glory

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Break-through into Godhead does not privilege the Father alone but also unveils through the Son as release from worldly powers, and in the Spirit as anarchic arche of freedom.  Wisdom breaks through calculation and control to retrieve boundless glory, irrupting from the Father, opening to wisdom through the Son, releasing unbound glory in the Spirit.  The Holy Name ‘I AM’ is the Name of all three persons of Holy Trinity, breaking open radical difference at the heart of unity, shattering the structured constrictions of Trinitarian dogmatism.  The Name ‘I AM’ is the deed of God, God in act, the unifying energy of each divine person and of the three as one saving Name, calling us out of worldly powers into the glory of the coming Kingdom.  

The Name of the Father frees awareness from the ‘ego cogito‘ of Cartesian metaphysics and the isness of pure presence from every power-obsessed metaphysic of presence.  The Name of the Son is Logos beyond every conventional logic of identity and difference, wisdom transcending sophistry that breaks out of binary double binds into Godhead beyond known names.  The Name of the Spirit is wholeness beyond totalitarian power, opening long closed wounds to deeper and deeper healing, breaking free of closed systems that subject wholeness to manipulative control.  On Sinai, in the midst of a Burning Bush, the Father of Godhead as ‘dazzling darkness’ opens God to glory beyond clever dialectics, freeing God from countless narrow and shallow conceptions of God, for glory’s sake.  On Carmel, wisdom inspires glorification of the Name, ‘I AM, he is God, I AM, he is God,’ unveiling the mystery at the heart of every Scripture.  On Horeb, a ‘still small voice’ of Logos gently whispers a nameless Name, unveiling Godhead beyond God in deafening stillness, beyond speech or silence, purifying speech.  On Tabor, Elijah joins Moses in the Spirit as Christ is transfigured in their midst, revealing Godhead in God’s midst, the Name transcending every name, purifying the heart.

Wisdom plays with freedom and with liberating joy on the inside of each divine person in turn, unbinding one metaphysical and theological parody of glory after another.  Glory and Kingdom appear to be about power but not power as the world knows it, for the Lord’s Prayer, like the Magnificat, hallows the Name of God who unseats power from its throne, revealing the glory of love’s gentle humility.  This glory is power made perfect in weakness, discerned by wisdom that looks to worldly sophistry like folly, the wisdom of the Cross which humbles the proud platitudes of Job’s comforters.  Orthodoxy is no longer Orthodox if it strays from the wisdom of the Cross of the slaughtered Lamb, because glory is not glory if it clings to the vanity of kenodoxy.  Godhead is divine humility breaking open the hardened exteriors of divine power, empowered by unregenerate imagination, to release love’s uncreated creativity, hallowing the Name ‘I AM’ on earth as its unceasing glory is hallowed in heaven.  

To retrieve love’s glory, unsophisticated wisdom is revealed.  Moses’ ‘dazzling darkness’ and Elijah’s overwhelming silence embrace revelatory paradox, releasing ‘I AM’ into ‘I AM,’ letting glory be glory in the boundless sphere of ‘I AM.’   Wisdom ascribes glory of ineffable Godhead to ‘I AM,’ through uncreated awareness that is the ‘I’ of ‘I AM,’ in the uncreated presence or ‘isness’ that is the ‘AM’ of ‘I AM.’  Grace is God’s gift of Godhead beyond God, ‘I AM’ unveiling ‘I AM’ to ‘I AM.’  Profound metanoetic turning, teshuvah, lets ‘I AM’ be ‘I AM,’ in ‘I AM,’ ascribing glory to the Father, through the Son, in the Spirit.  Wisdom is uncreated awareness ever-present, always already one with uncreated presence, infinite isness ever-aware, ‘I’ awareness conjoined with ‘AM’ presence, unconditionally unconditioned.  The gospel of wisdom abides in a covenant of glory, irrupting into openness which is total riddance and release.  

The name Jesus bears witness to the renewing covenant of  the Name ‘I AM,’ Ehyeh, because Jesus’ name, Yah Shuah, means ‘I AM’ saves.  The groundhold of wisdom on Sinai is confirmed as a homeland of glory on Carmel, unveiling a whisper of groundless Godhead on Horeb, home to homeless freedom on Tabor.  Dizzied by wonder, wisdom baffles every closure, opening awe to glory and fear to freedom.  The desert of Godhead breaks into flower as God, whose uncreated creativity is the Name ‘I AM.’  Godhead liberates God, as well as gods by grace from all constricted ideas of God, as wisdom in each epoch unveils glory for that epoch, through the Name.  Wisdom, nearer than near, rids glory of restricted representations of God so that wisdom within God opens to unrestricted glory, Godhead beyond God.  How release breaks through in heaven differs with each divine person, but Godhead is one and ineffable oneness is one unifying activity of hallowing grace in the Name.  How riddance breaks through on earth differs with each person as ‘I AM,’ our God, opens in wisdom to the glory of ‘I AM.’  Wisdom breaks through to glory in three hallowed ways, opening to Godhead from the Father, to Godhead through the Son, as Godhead in the Spirit.  Godhead grounds God within Holy Trinity whose unconditioned beyond lies not without but within the unconditional glory of ‘I AM.’