Encircled by Love

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Encircled by love, gratitude gives thanks that grace illumines and deifies as glory descends to meet ascending light, uniting in the saving Name.  Grace encircles light with love, restoring glory to God by hallowing the Name.  The Lord’s Prayer reveals how hallowing the Name of the Father, Abba, glorifies Christ’s reign of uncreated grace, completing God’s holy will of union in the Holy Spirit, giving the Jesus Prayer power to express and fulfil the intercessions of the saints.  Encircled by the glory of love, grace reveals the boundless scope of divine mercy as it illumines and glorifies the saints, inspiring prophecy and sustaining prayer with the Spirit’s unceasing prayer for all.  Sustaining wisdom with the Spirit’s unceasing glorification of the saints, encirclement complements inter-penetration, completing ineffable co-inherence in the oneness of infinite openness.

A life-time of infused encirclement leaves a heart grateful beyond words, astonished by wonder and filled with awe.   Child-like trust embraces awe-struck wonder as it casts its spell of powerful enchantment over everything, restoring the child’s sense of playful freedom in imagined worlds of endless exploration, as heroic courage rises from the ashes of childhood dreams.  The original prophet of prayer, Elijah, meaning ‘my God is ‘I AM,’ ‘ comes to reveal the Name, listening to the still, small voice of revelatory insight, hallowing God’s reign of glory in the Name.   As the green man, Al-Khidr, he turns spiritual winter into spring, renewed by wisdom that makes all things new.  There has always been wisdom’s original green initiative, long before green initiatives became urgent in the light of climate science.  The encirclement of wisdom meets the co-inherence of glory in prophecy and prayer.

Who can tell what tale will unfold when wisdom weds with glory in the Holy of Holies? Who can say what encircles the Name when it is hallowed by angels in heaven and saints on earth?   Is there a way to remain open to endless openness or give way without closure to undivided oneness, beyond the fixating addictions of monism or dualism?  Child-like wonder openly beholds wisdom, revealing glory without grasping, as openness stays open without fixating, as oneness embraces difference without division.   Child-like play turns wars into safe games, horrendous military operations into safe rivalries that do not kill, civil violence into parliaments that play at civil war.  Wise openness knows how to suspend violence by turning tribal wars into local games, by turning national wars into international Olympic play.  But who can say how long it takes to turn fear into love?  Who can tell how long it takes to transcend exclusion by including difference in ways that no longer exclude?  Encircling love has always known, but who is listening?