Revelatory Paraclete

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The Holy Spirit descends to reveal God’s reign of glory in Christ’s Name, hallowing the Name of the Father unveiled by the Son, revealing mysteries of glory through the Paraclete.  The Paraclete’s descent proceeds from the Father to abide in the Son, resting in peace in the hallowing Name.   Christ conjoins earthly humanity with heavenly divinity, generating ineffable divine-human mysteries, transfiguring earthly humanity with heavenly glory.  The unconfused co-inherence of uncreated energies of glory with created human energies in Christ, transfigures saints in the Holy Spirit, imparting the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the Holy of Holies.  Broken hearts and troubled souls are healed by the Spirit in God’s Name, revealing Pentecost in many ineffable ways.  The revelatory Paraclete loves to share wisdom’s insight into the mysteries of glory unveiled in the Name, delighting to reveal God’s reign of glory eschatologically present and proleptically aware with wisdom’s uncreated awareness of the presence of reigning glory, unveiling radical, ineffable openness.

Saint Symeon the New Theologian was not interested in clever innovation but in renewing wisdom, imparting regenerated tradition that in Christ renews creation.  The insight of wisdom discerns what blind eyes cannot see nor deaf ears hear, revealing what cannot be conceived even in the hidden depths of awakened hearts. The revelatory Paraclete is witness to God’s reign of the Name in the timeless presence of uncreated glory, speaking ineffably in awakened hearts, awakening hearts to glory. The Name is way, truth and life for the eye of wisdom in the heart, beginning with partial vision in purification but increasing with illumination, completing incompleteness with the completeness of wisdom that God already knows and has always loved and known.  Partial vision begins with purification, illumining incompleteness with uncreated light, increasing with the Spirit’s witness through light of uncreated glory into ineffable wisdom awakening glory through glory.  The witness of wisdom is fundamental, not the shallow, narrow literalism that spawns fundamentalism, but the wisdom of ineffable glorification.

The revelatory Paraclete prays unceasingly for the mysteries of glory to be made known, yearning to communicate the wisdom of wonder and the wonder of wisdom through prophecy and prayer.  The Spirit’s Name-hallowing prayer is unceasing but unheard until wisdom discerns the glory of grace in the Eternal Gospel.  When wisdom dawns, at first like a shining star, then as sunlight in the clear air of spiritual translucence, Christian tradition is renewed as ineffable wisdom, way beyond the conventional limitations of worldly religion.  Holy Orthodoxy is graciously shared by the revelatory Paraclete, whose wondrous Pentecost is never-ending, whose capacity for renewal is inexhaustible, whose way of life is communion with the living Spirit of Truth.  Christ communicates his living presence in his own person as uncreated light, through the personal witness of the revelatory Paraclete, completing partial revelation with the completeness of revelatory glory.