Light of Glory

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Sown in light, reaped as light, light gives life to light as light of Holy Trinity throughout centuries of Orthodox glorification.  From Abba Evagrius to Archbishop Gregory Palamas, the thread of light weaves sound coherence into Orthodox co-inherence.  God enlightens those who awaken to God in his Name, illumining Abba Silvanus with the same uncreated light that illumined Saint Silouan the Athonite and Saint Sophrony the Hesychast well over a millennium later.  Saint Antony the Great, father of monks, transmitted light through light, gloriously imparting light-bearing wisdom to light-bearing saints.   The Holy Spirit descends as grace of Pentecost, transfiguring sinners born again as saints through Baptism in uncreated light and Chrism of holy light unto enlightening glorification, Eucharistic light imparting deifying communion.

Saint Macarius the Great communicated the flame of the Name as light from light, enlightening illumined hearts with uncreated light.  The vision of glory enlightens saints in uncreated light from generation to generation, regenerating saints with glorification.  The theme of light unites countless known and unknown saints in many unknown lands, co-inhering as light in countless ways as light within light, deifying saints with light of glory.  The tradition of Holy Orthodoxy is essentially one of enlightening glorification, instituted by the Holy Spirit to glorify God in uncreated light of glory.  Vision of light of glory is not, therefore, an optional extra but the living heart of Holy Orthodoxy, without which it shrivels into institutional rules and external regulations, nominally orthodox but neither truly Orthodox nor Holy.

Saint Maximus the Confessor taught that the uncreated light of Christ shines forth in illumined saints in every generation, regenerating sinners by generating saints. Saint John of the Ladder and Saint Isaac the Syrian communicated in different ways the different degrees of illumination that manifest among the illumined, pointing to enlightening glorification as the coming completeness that beckons to them from God. Glory purifies, then illumines sinners so as to deify them with uncreated light, light which is the uncreated light of deifying glory.  For them, as for Saint Symeon the New Theologian, the uncreated light of glory is the power empowering glorification.  Indeed, light of glory is the power and glory empowering glorification in every generation, regenerating glorification through illumination with glorification.