Wisdom, Crown and Throne

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Wisdom crowns seers with uncreated light, enthroning saints with deifying energy of uncreated glory, revealing the reign of the Name.  The body of light manifests the body of glory through the uncreated grace of the Name, purifying the heart by enlightening the mind in the heart, transfiguring creation.  Deification remains hidden with Christ in God until wisdom dawns, uniting uncreated wisdom with hidden glory.  The Name reveals wisdom by unveiling uncreated light, communicating deification by revealing uncreated glory, extinguishing confusion through hallowing communion, healing division with enlightening glory.  Wisdom turns and sees the glory of God’s reign already eschatologically present in the Eucharist, giving thanks for crown of wisdom and throne of glory in the hallowed Name.

Holy wisdom begins to witness God’s reign of glory in the Name with purification, but illumination knows that co-inherence of God’s wisdom and glory is already present at centre in the midst, whilst wisdom unveils timeless glorification as deification in the Name.  Wisdom turns seeking right round, revealing seeing, extinguishing confusion and curing separation.  Metanoia, deep turning, awakens theoria, deep seeing, opening right-recognition into translucent remembrance of God.  Metanoia sustains remembrance of God with theoria, unveiling the mysteries of glory with theosis, deification.  Metanoia grounds theoria in mature theosis by centering in God-centred remembrance of God, opening wisdom’s crowning revelation of the throne of glory into revelation of Holy Trinity.

The union of wisdom’s crown and glory’s throne is direct, decisive and indivisible, revealing the living heart of Holy Orthodoxy.  Love of wisdom is love of God, whose glory reveals the living heart of wisdom.  Glory is the ultimate concern of wisdom just as wisdom is the ultimate concern of glory.  The mysteries of glory are safely hidden from profane curiosity so that wisdom may safely make them known, welcoming recognition of hidden remembrance.  As the beloved bride of glory, wisdom loves her beloved as her beloved loves her, conjoined in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies.  Wisdom safely sings her Song of Songs that completes Solomon’s wisdom anew in every generation, regenerating Holy Orthodoxy on earth as it was always regenerated anew in heaven.  Wisdom’s crown of light sustains God’s throne of glory in the Name, safely revealing God’s hidden reign of grace as ineffable glory.