Gracious Stillness

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Gracious stillness was the womb of light in generations past, and will be the womb of glory in the age to come, opening mysteries of glory in timeless presence through timeless wisdom.  The living movement of Holy Hesychasm abides in the presence of graced stillness, manifesting new dimensions of silence and solitude in the reign of timeless glory.  Stillness awakens prophecy in the unbroken tradition of Biblical prophecy, inspiring prayer in response to the Spirit’s unceasing prayer of the Name. Hallowing God’s reign of glory in awakened hearts, prophecy and prayer sustain Hesychast stillness, regenerating silence in solitude within the unbroken communion of saints, grounding stillness with new forms of deifying co-inherence.  As old paradigms dissolve and die, new paradigms are born and bear witness to stillness, regenerating the wisdom of glory in silence and the glory of wisdom in solitude.

The initiative of wisdom inspires glorification in ways that generate new structures of co-operation amidst the chaos of general deconstruction, opening new avenues of exploration in conjunction with very ancient forms, regenerating the tradition of stillness.  It is no surprise conservative parochialism resists vigorous stillness in its determined struggle to conserve the past, but in stillness progressive wisdom often breaks through and rises above regressive resistance, only to be challenged by fixated powers again and again.  Stillness is ever-present in its ineffable openness, forever contemporary with its regenerative capacity, as wisdom makes all things new.  Grace is inexhaustible in its capacity to develop new ways to co-operate with wisdom in glorification, breaking through form and mending old forms in new ways.  Gracious stillness is inexhaustible, always renewing the old with the new.

Mysteries of glorification are as old as humanity but as new as the cutting edge of integral wisdom, regenerating dynamic stillness.  Conserving power resists radical wisdom, despite wisdom predating it as it inevitably progresses beyond it, although not all so-called progress is actually progressive.  Hesychast stillness may seem utterly baffling to the politics of both right and left, transcending the ideologies of Conservative and Labour, Republican and Democrat, in ways that wisely break out of old fixations.  Times change without ceasing, rendering new forms redundant as wisdom makes old forms new, revealing the hidden dynamism of stillness.  It is no surprise that convention tends to be conservative, but wisdom breaks with convention whenever fresh insight renews glorification in graced stillness, inspiring radical freedom.