Ineffable Openness

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The ineffable openness of perfect completeness is inherently present in the timeless oneness of enlightening glory.  The womb of completeness is the tomb of translucent incompleteness resurrecting as glory, ascending and descending from the sanctuary of the heart.  Everything self-empties into glory as glory self-empties into everything, revealing God in everything and everything in God.  Glory is ineffable and the wisdom that reveals glory is also ineffable, revealing the completeness of being in the glory of timeless well-being.  Extremes arise but do not fixate into warring extremism, because wisdom transcends extremism when glorification is made known.  Warring extremism dissolves into holy wholeness, restoring glory to God.  Wisdom gathers all who turn and see into the timeless glory of the reign of holiness in the hallowed Name, generously fulfilling the completeness of the Lord’s Prayer.

Timeless glory is ineffably one with the wisdom that reveals the completeness of the reign of the Name.  Glorification is radically unconditioned in its ineffability, opening grace to radical openness.  Grace is not, therefore, a reward for good behaviour but a radically gratuitous gift, initiating God’s reign of peace and sustaining radical glory. Unconditioned grace is unconditionally free, amazing the heart with unconditional wonder, filling the mind with awe and the heart with amazement.  Purification dissolves obscurities as illumination enlightens the heart with wisdom, ineffably opening deification through glorification.  Completeness is not misconstrued as totalitarian because with glorification the Spirit imparts perfect freedom, curing totalitarian closure with expansive openness.  Confusion transmutes into communion as division transforms into union, healing separation in Christ, revealing God’s reign of ineffable glory.

Timeless wisdom discerns the glory of ineffable completeness when awareness unites with presence in the Name, revealing uncreated presence to uncreated awareness, in radical, expensive openness.  The Holy Name is the secret of secrets that unlocks all doors to the mystery of mysteries in the Holy of Holies, unveiling glorification through illumination in the reign of peace.  Rest in peace is timeless, bringing the afterlife forward into this life through the expansive grace of God.  Reification perceives extremes where none exist and imposes extremism where none arises, binding minds with warring ideologies, instigating wars and invading neighbours, imposing hell on earth.   Wisdom rests in peace beyond totalitarian reification, abiding in God-centred glorification of God, centering in the radical openness of ineffable glory.  Wisdom was always radically ineffable, opening turning into enlightened seeing, transfiguring and transforming in the hallowed Name.