Enlightening Delight

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The Holy Spirit delights in the enlightening light of Christ, infusing seers with uncreated wisdom, deifying saints with uncreated glory.   Delight is ecstatic in hidden ways that go way beyond beginner’s ecstasies, centred in the Spirit’s insight into Christ, transcending all conditioned opinions.  Delight rejoices in light from light, welcoming God from God in union with wisdom, rejoicing in God through God in gracious communion.  Holy Trinity is reciprocal delight, partaking through mutual delight in the ecstatic delight of thrice-holy co-inherence, very far from rigid notions of three separate hypostases somehow being indissolubly one.  Concepts try to grasp what living experience of grace communicates, but dogmatic notions give way to ineffable wisdom, discerning uncreated energies, yielding insight beyond comprehension.

Delight rejoices in dazzling light exceeding comprehension, teaching grateful sages to abide beyond concepts is quiet stillness, sustaining a counter-culture of serenity in solitude, imbibing a counter-culture of mutual interactive co-companionship, overflowing with grateful loving kindness.  Spiritual joy is so much more than sensuous enjoyment, so very different from shallow sensationalism.  Spiritual delight is uncreated light through and through, luminously translucent from beginning to end. Enlightening wisdom lives from uncreated light in uncreated glory, gladly abiding in heavenly mansions of gracious light in paradise.  Strictly inconceivable unless experienced by grace and inconceivable even when experienced by grace, luminous abiding delights in light through light, discerning glory through glory.  Words cannot grasp this, although ineffable words may indicate this, as the Apostle Paul’s vision of the third heaven bears witness.

Enlightening delight transcends understanding, melting hardened sclerosis of the heart, dissolving fixated opinion into insight, enlightening hearts with wisdom.  Grace gently challenges the mind, bequeathing a gracious culture of gift, restoring seeing with turning, sustaining grace with thankful glorification.  Wisdom delights in glory so that glory delights in wisdom, mutually co-inhering in deifying communion.  Union yields endless delight to those who turn and see, regenerating living eucharistic tradition in the bond of peace.  Thoughts and feelings come and go, but there is light that neither comes nor goes, light that delights hearts in ways that do not come and go.  This ineffable delight deifies enlightened hearts, whatever comes or goes, unveiling grateful evenness of being, revealing wholesome oneness of well-being that neither comes nor goes.