Emptying Hell

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Totalitarian religion condemns to hell those it cannot control, whereas Christ descends to empty hell, releasing the condemned.  Wisdom through Christ puts right what religion gets wrong, descending into hell to quench its infernal fires, turning them into purgatorial flames of love, completing Christ’s passion by suffering love’s passion as the Song of Songs.  Wrought in the fathomless depths of hell, grace releases the condemned from condemnation, embracing lost souls with wisdom’s gaze of grace, communicating flames of love from heart to heart.  Love empties hell by revealing its fires are the unquenched flame of love, purifying the heart with burning blessing, making all things new.

Prophecy tells old stories anew to inspire prayer to intercede for all, renewing religion as wisdom in enlightened hearts.  The uncreated imagination awakens hearts in many different ways, enabling old tales to communicate wisdom, restoring lowly earth to highest heaven.  Ostensibly, as children’s literature, old myths remake themselves as wisdom rises from the dark depths of fallen angels to the dazzling darkness of heavenly powers, remaking the imagination as it ascends.  Through children’s literature, old tales are told in new ways, awakening saints to their function as angels, retelling mythic stories for the age to come.  Hell empties as wisdom rises to the zenith of her glory, transfiguring earth with hallowing wings.

The power of religion is transfigured as wisdom dawns, shattering the bonds of hell, revealing the release of darkness into dazzling light.  Children gladly dance with retold stories and are born again for the age to come.  The womb of wisdom is uncreated light, birthing timeless glory through the hallowing Name.  Biblical prophecy lives again as children’s stories give birth to unceasing wisdom, renewing prophecy and prayer. Humble wonder awakens wisdom with child-like amazement, renewing initiation between generations.  By emptying hell, love woos fear by releasing control, maturing religion into wisdom by revealing glory through wisdom, renewing the world.