Incisive Glorification

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Incisive glorification penetrates all ages of enlightened awareness, all dimensions of uncreated presence, opening earth to highest heaven in the empowering Name.  The wisdom of the Cross is consummated with the glory of the Name, saving all with love, glorifying all with hallowing holiness.  Life in God is God’s way of hallowing those who turn and see his uncreated presence in the midst, those who praise his Name, Hallelu Yah, with their hallowing Amen.  Resistance refuses to be saved and healed, preferring fear-driven power and dread-driven control.  Remembrance recognises God at centre, liberating love from fear, generosity from dread.  Incisive glorification severs resistance, penetrating refusal, which transforms into surrender, enlightening hearts with wisdom.  Without remembrance, God is notional but without power to save and heal broken hearts, without power to open ineffable glory into boundless openness.

Penetrating glorification co-inheres in seers and saints, opening hearts to grace.  The Eternal Gospel graciously liberates souls from fear, restoring them through love. Incisive wisdom severs truth from falsehood, opening ways from fake news back to truth, restoring trust in the Name’s power to save.  In an age of rampant nihilism, nothing is trusted because nothing is perceived to be worthy of trust, nothing can withstand the onslaught of lies and negative propaganda.  In an age of relativism, trust dissolves into a morass of warring opinions, leaving nothing to live or die for, nothing to serve with dedication.  In a materialistic age, uncreated energy is overlooked, leaving nothing but death that fears death, death glorifying death, its god, its ultimate concern.

Subtle yet incisive, glorification sees through transparent surfaces with a translucent gaze, transforming uncreated glory into luminous transfigurement in every dimension. Securing steadfast trust, wisdom pervades all with her tender embrace, wedding heaven with earth, revealing oneness of being and meaning.  Stainless and clear, wise purity purifies hearts in the Name, gathering scattered fragments into holy wholeness. Eucharistic union is uncreated, not broken by warring powers on earth because war cannot extinguish the peace of God in the reign of God in heaven.  Love secures the tranquility of God from raging powers, restoring wholeness with hallowing peace.  God breathes incisive glorification into broken hearts, hallowing minds with healing wings, communicating the winged function of angels to saints in the Holy Spirit, imparting the healing function of archangels to elders, nourishing saints in the hallowing Name.