Manifold Wisdom

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Manifold wisdom shimmers and resonates with many qualities, many divine names, intelligent and holy, subtle and unique, active and incisive.  Lucid and unsullied, the perfect completeness of wisdom is invulnerable and benevolent, sharp and irresistible. Love of wisdom lovingly embraces all souls, steadfast and dependable, unperturbed and all-penetrating, almighty and all-seeing.  (Wisdom of Solomon 7:22-23).   Manifold wisdom breathes the uncreated energies of God, overflowing with uncreated energies of glory, so pure that nothing can contaminate her translucence. Transcending everything created, wisdom transforms everything, transfiguring creation with her glorious presence.  Her uncreated light glorifies holy souls who glorify God, radiant in the image and likeness of God’s gracious goodness.

Wisdom shines as she restores all things, making all things new.  Unchanging in herself, she changes everything.  The glory of wisdom makes friends of God into prophets, lovers of God into enlightened priests and kings, seers of God into sages and saints, for God loves whoever loves wisdom.  The uncreated light of wisdom outshines all galaxies of blazing suns, transcending all constellations of distant stars.  Nothing quenches wisdom nor extinguishes the beauty of her glory.  Wisdom sees without self-interest and passes on, without reserve, all she sees.  Her temperance is always prudent, her fortitude is always just.  Knowing past and future, she knows the present is timeless presence, never ceasing to be, never ceasing to be well, making all things well.  Wisdom cannot die so never dies, though death’s sting slays everyone in every generation. 

The Holy Spirit sends wisdom from above to wed saints below, revealing here below the wisdom of highest heaven.  Wisdom discerns the hidden intentions of God and actively completes them.  Saved by wisdom, glorified by grace, saints hallow the Holy Name in realms of uncreated light, discerning God’s reign of glory.  Wisdom taught patriarchs and prophets, apostles and saints, guiding elders whose insight is the gift of wisdom.  Standing back from clever thought, wisdom stands steadfast before the Gospel of uncreated grace, imparting manifold gifts of grace, each yearning to be loved and known.  Wisdom fills all worlds and discerns all things, knowing as she is known, seeing as she is seen.  When wisdom turns, she is always already seeing, generously sharing all she sees, for her manifold insights perfect the completeness of wisdom which her glory knows.