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Joy abides with wisdom in her union with glory in the communion of saints.  Grace generates trust that welcomes glory with wisdom.  Love delights in the joy of wisdom, ecstatic without dissipation, rejoicing in the knowledge of God.  Love does not envy the grace that saves, unlike demonic jealousy, that resents the communion of saints.  Joy descends from heaven like lightening, resounding like thunder in the heavens.  The Name seals joy within itself, abiding in the union of wisdom and glory without ceasing. Saints commune with the union of wisdom and glory in the Name, concealed with Christ in God until wisdom dawns.  Joy communicates communion of saints to all who hallow God’s Holy Name rather than just repeat the Lord’s Prayer verbally, without heart.

Christ knows the delight of joy because he is uncreated joy, abiding in glory with wisdom.  Angels know joy because they abide in Christ by grace with joyous glorification.  Demonic hosts mock joy, anxious lest Satan’s hold is loosened, lest fear releases into love.  Wisdom binds with bonds of love and freedom, boundless in its capacity for uncreated wisdom and liberating glorification.  Wisdom crowns saints with uncreated light, enthroning them with glory in the Name.  Joy extinguishes pretension of every kind, refining vainglory to nothing but purest glory.   God secretly inscribes his Name in everything and seals it with silence until the time comes for wisdom to reveal glory. God reigns in realms of glory where the Name is hallowed, unveiling the radiant face of uncreated light, revealing the ineffable countenance of uncreated glory.

Joy sings Hallelu Yah in hearts being made pure by wisdom, illumined with uncreated light, glorified by God through glorification of God.  Joy is humble in its uncontrived simplicity, lowly in its receptive welcoming of grace.  Contrived grovelling is always proud, as are pompous parodies of piety, painfully far from humble communion of saints.   Wisdom overshadows all who trust grace to save, opening hearts to enlightened prophecy, glorifying prayer that glorifies God.  Wisdom rests in peace in the stillness of gracious glory, empowering enlightened speech to speak in the Name of Christ, heard by enlightened hearts in the grace of the Holy Spirit.  Joy moves mountains of disdain for grace, soaring straight over obsessive obstacles to awakened living, liberating communion from divisive separation.   Joy rejoices in timeless living, standing steadfast in the Spirit of Truth, safe and secure in the grace of the saving Name.